These shoes are made for walking…

This Fall is all about the shoes. So ladies and gentlemen if you are shoeaholics you are in for a special treat this season!

Let the shoes make your outfit.  We all know that Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex In The City” had a total shoe obsession. If it was a new pair of jeans or a pair of Manolo Blahniks… it was definitely the Manolo’s! So if you are going to buy a few things to style up your closet for Fall b-line for the shoe section first! From oxford booties to pointed toe pumps to over-the-knee boots to your outrageously glamorous stiletto there is something for everyone to love!

So now the question you probably all are pondering is how do you allow your shoes to speak in every outfit! Usually we get dressed by first picking out either a pair of pants (skirt/shorts) or the top and then once we have decided on that pairing we then chose the shoes. However, being that outrageous, fun, textured and colored shoes are the biggest trend this Fall try picking out the shoes first and then finding the rest of the outfit to pair with it!! Trust me you might be surprised what chic outfits you come up with! It almost reinvents your closet into something totally different. This can sometimes be tricky but also really fun. So my fellow styled right fashionistas go on and try it! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with…

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Stylish at any size!

Have you ever thought it would be so much easier to just be a man? I have when it comes to SHOPPING I would much rather shop for my boyfriend than myself. Anything from H&M to Gucci looks good on him and for the most part no tailoring needed. And even the H&M merchandise looks expensive for what it is, he is able to easily find his size with such ease. All it really takes for a man to look put together on a casual day is a nice pair of jeans, crisp t-shirt and a nice fitted blazer accompanied by loafers, sneaks etc. The average American man is a size 44 jacket and weighs around 189 pounds so for most it is easy to shop at retail stores and have the ability to wear any brand.

However, the fashion world for women is the exact opposite. Designers seem to think that all American women are between the sizes of 0 and 10, however this is obviously a big misconception which you can tell just by stepping foot into a mall. The average American woman is a size 14 weighing about 162 pounds. Now even though I am no size 14, having broad shoulders and a tiny waist makes it no easier for me to shop. I have tried over and over again to wear Smythe blazers (carried in my department via C) but no such luck, my shoulders are just to broad and they already run small as it is. I work with many women ranging from all sizes and my job is to make them look their best no matter what size they are. I keep the motto that “size is just a number” its how it looks is important. Half the time I will not even ask a woman what her size is because not only do most brands fit differently it really depends on the cut of each individual piece. And a lot of women will say what size they want to be and not what they really are. For many women they look at magazines and aspire to be that model on the cover, however even the model isn’t that size. Society unfortunately has put a taboo on being anything larger than a size 10 and is due in part to designers not designing for them. This only creates more “fashion crimes” seen daily by millions of woman (ahhhhhh). Unfortunately, this happens because so many brands do not accommodate the average American woman, most are forced to wear the not so cute designs or trying to squeeze into the shirt that does not come in their size. Hence, is why we continue to see women that yearn to be in fashion or stylish feeling they must where the latest designs, even if it means squeezing into a garment that truly does not fit, they try the “make it work” (what we always hear on project runway), however in this case it is better to not try to “make it work”. Wearing something that is too tight makes a person actually look bigger than they really are just the same as wearing something way to large by trying to cover up. The best way to look your slimmest is to wear the CORRECT size. Most designers are under the impression that extra small through medium is the only size that should be seen wearing their designs. But all hope is not lost there are a few designers that have thrown that idea out the window and are catering to women from a size 00 to 16. This list includes what I consider to be the best designers and brands when it comes to still wanting to be stylish at a larger (or rather average) size! 🙂

Couture Designers: Valentino, Armani, Michael Kors, Carmen Marc Valvo, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen (runs big), Burberry

Other Labels: Diane Von Frustenburg, Ellie Tahari, Tadashi, Juicy Couture, DKNYC, Eileen Fisher, AK Ann Klein, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Jones New York, Karen Kane

So… if you were that woman feeling down on herself or wishing to be a size 2 so you could wear that rocking dress or those amazing jeans, you can worry no more!! If you shop the brands I have listed above you will be sure to not only feel stylish but look it as well. There is nothing worse than trying to wear a designer label to only have it be ill fitting. You are the average American woman size do not be ashamed be PROUD, be BEAUTIFUL, be STYLISH!!

How important are your shoes?

Well I could go on and on about this topic, so I will try to keep it short and focus on one aspect about SHOES!!!! When I think about what makes my outfit complete it always goes back to the shoes. I mean lets be real you can have on the most gorgeous dress, or most well fitted pants with a fabulous structured top but if the shoes are wrong the whole outfit becomes wrong! Shoes can really make or break your outfit. So it is crucial to put time and effort when finding the right shoe for your outfit. You also want to buy a shoe that is versatile where you can get many wears out of it. Personally, I have always been one to spend more money on my shoes than anything else. But I believe expensive shoes are completely justified by price per wear. Its the one item that gets more wear and tear then any other item in your closet. It needs to be well made from good fabrics and structured to perfection.

Its not uncommon for women to have an obsession for shoes, look at Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. Her outfit may have been ordinary but her shoes, well her shoes they were the outfit!! Now, in her case she did buy shoes just because they were beautiful and eventually she would find some outfit to wear with them. But we do not all have that luxury so I have provided below some basic guidelines to remember when shopping for the perfect pair of shoes to complete your outfit.

Here are 10 guidelines when it comes to buying the perfect shoe:

#1: Shoe must not over power outfit;

  • Delicate fabrication, ie. silk dress/pants, flowly = light shoe ie. something with straps, opened toe pump (no platform), bootie only if to works really have to be careful.
  • Denim, structured fabrics = chunky shoe (wedge, platform, cage, bootie etc)

#2: Fashion over function; yes sometimes when buying that amazing unqie shoe it may not be the most comfortable shoe in the world. But we all need a few pairs like this.

#3: Most comfortable heels; Prada, Miu Miu, Jimmy Choo, Vince Camuto

#4: Most comfortable flats; Vera Wang, Lanvin. BEWARE of TORY BURCH FLATS (they may look cute but they are the most uncomfortable flat you could ever step into, dont do it!!!)

#5: Do the unexpected; wear the shoe that you wouldn’t expect to go with the outfit but totally works

#6: Shoe must fit properly; if the shoe does not fit DO NOT PURCHASE.

#7: If you can’t ROCK them don’t WEAR them; If you can’t walk in them DO NOT PURCHASE; too many times I see women walking around in the most gorgeous shoes but because they cannot walk correctly in them it runs the shoe.

#8: Buy proper shoe care; if you are going to spend the money on a great pair of shoes make sure you buy the products to keep them looking sharp.

#9: Do not buy just to buy; never buy a pair of shoes just because they are on sale. This goes back to buying in complete outfits, unless it actually goes with a particular outfit do not just buy the shoe because its on sale and you will hopefully it will go with something in your closet. That is a big no no!!

#10: Buy them because YOU love them; do not just buy the trendest shoe just because its in “fashion” buy what fits your lifestyle and is best for the outfit.


Who wore it better (Nicole Richie or Lindsay Lohan) ?

Answer: Nicole Richie wore it better. Now they have almost they exact same outfit on but really the main difference is the choice in shoes. Richie’s shoes work better with the outfit, it gives the outfit a pop of color at the bottom (unexpected rule #5), is a heavy shoe for a more structured outfit. Lindsay Lohan wore a strappy shoe which not only uncompliments the outfit but sticks out like a sore thumb. That shoe is more dressy than the outfit has called for thus making the outfit all wrong.


Who wore it better (Haylie Duff or Victoria Beckham)?

Answer: Victoria Beckham wore it better. Because the dress is not only short but more fitted its better to wear a shoe with more coverage. Even though the difference is minimal it still makes a difference. (its like the saying..”Its the little things that matter” funny how it that even relates to shoes!)

Who wore it better (Heidi Montag, Heather Graham, Cheryl Burke, Kristin Cavallari or Erin Andrew)?

Answer: First I must say, don’t you just love the Herve Leger bandage dress! Wow so many different shoes with the exact same dress, funny how much the shoe can change the look of the dress right! Well I must say Erin Andrew wore it the best. Again, because the dress is short and very structured it calls for a more structured shoe and that has coverage. Her black bootie is the perfect shoe. I also would have considered doing a sparkle nude pump as well (this is not shown but would have been another great option). As for the rest of the women the shoes are horrible. Kristin Cavallari’s shoes not only are more of a daytime shoe but are too clunky for this dress. Cheryl Burke’s shoes cut off her legs (not horrible but not the best). Heather Graham first off needs to learn how to stand in a pair of heals (rule #7 if you cant rock them you shouldn’t be wearing them), and the shoe is way to strappy and open for this dress. Those would be better with a longer flowing dress. And Heidi Montag’s shoes are predictable and boring!


Happy shoe shopping!!

Feathers…feathers…and more feathers

Well unless you have been living in a cave it should be no surprise feather accessories have taken over. Although, many celebrities and trend setters have been wearing feathers for a few seasons it has recently started to become a trend in more than one way. Feathers can now be found sewn into locks of hair, on headbands, necklaces and earrings. And yes I have caved to the trend I have feather extensions, however I would not recommend this for everyone since I am not sure how many jobs would allow you to walk around with feathers attached to your hair. I am just lucky to be working in fashion so I am able to really play with my style. But don’t fret, there are many other options to show your stylish new way of wearing feathers. You can get a headband with feathers attached which have endless options as to how bold you want to be and what your outfit is in need of. I was at church this past Sunday and even the pastors wife was wearing a fabulous feather headband that really complimented her outfit nicely. It was suttle yet still made a statement showing her personal style. Probably the most popular way to accessorize with feathers is with earrings. I love this look, its bold yet playful and the perfect accessory to a t-shirt and jeans on a casual day! You can be understated by choosing ones with more natural color feathers and be more daring by choosing ones with bright colors. There are also many lengths and thicknesses to choose from as well. Some people have even chosen to only wear one earring. Thus, one of the many reasons I love style is that you can choose to take a trend and personalize it in your own way. You can choose to be bold or understated, you can decide what you want to show the world.

How are you going to rock the feather trend?

Style Icon, Elizabeth Taylor

What a tragic day to lose one of the greatest screen actresses of Hollywoods Golden Age and a style icon. She was known for her stunning and timeless look as well as her role in over five dozen film roles which twice she one Academy Awards for Best Actress. Furthermore, not many women can burn through seven husbands, eight marriages, several near death experiences, have four children, ten grandchildren and four great grandchildren while still finding the time to look stunning. She had the ability to turn the simplest garments into sexy, chic and elegant all at the same time. She had style without even trying, this also came from the way she carried herself (with a I do not care what you think attitude). 🙂

A woman after my own heart, her love for jewelry came at an early age. Her thought on personal style was “enough is never enough”, quite the contrary to Coco Chanel who always taught us put everything on and before you walk out the door take one piece off (referring to jewelry). She loved all the glitz and glamour, most of the time you would find her dripping in diamonds and emeralds along side dramatic dresses and elaborate up-dos! Eventually, her love for jewelry turned into what we know now as House of Taylor, alongside her self-aclaimed book “My Love Affair with Jewelry” and how could we forget her perfume, White Diamonds. She gave the word FABULOUS meaning, always dressed for success no matter the time of day or what she was doing. Truth be told this was what she was famous for; don’t get me wrong she was a good actress but she was more famous for her extravagant style.

Remember when I first talked about style and how what you wear shows the world who you are and who you want to be. She wanted to look and feel fabulous so thats how she dressed each day and we all knew it. She said “I never worried about good or bad taste” and she certainly portrayed that through all her wardrobe choices. Even though I do think you can wear to much jewelry, she somehow was able to carry it off in such a chic manner. At the end of the day it is about personal style and what makes you feel good when you put it on. She is almost like a tone downed Lady Gaga when it comes to extravagance with fashion. I will put it to you this way, some women can just pull off anything and she just happens to be one of them. And we are not all actresses, so we do need to dress appropriately for the occasion for which we are attending. Personally, I would still stick to Coco Chanel’s philosophy about accessories! 🙂 However, one thing I do think that she had right was choosing to DRESS TO PLEASE HERSELF, once you do that you are half way to really honing in on your own personal style. This also goes back to being in “fashion” is easy but having style comes from within. So again do not just buy whats trendy just because its the latest trend buy what looks best on you and you feel your best in!

We loved her because she stood out and always made a statement with each outfit showing us her confidence within herself and protruding class at the same time. So what statement are you making with your wardrobe choices?