Can you believe spring is quickly approaching! If you live in Southern California you are definitely getting a feel for the heat today… so with it being 83 degrees out I though no better day then to share some of the SPRING TRENDS for 2014.

NUDE: If you were one of the millions watching the Oscars this trend should be no surprise to you! Nude dresses where a main attraction on the red carpet! Before you go out buying your new nude ensemble make sure you don’t fall into the dont’s of nude!

  • Dont’s: Don’t go for something so revealing that it exposes your butt, boobs and belly button…its ok to leave some to the imagination. 🙂
  • Do’s: Do find a nude that compliments your skin tone and that shows off those lovely curves.


OXFORD: Hopefully you kept your oxford from last season because it is back again! Try mixing it up with a pencil skirt for the office, or tucked into a strapless dress to give it some flare! There really is no wrong way to wear this button down because it goes with everything.


MODERN FLORALS: Feeling flirty? Wear this trend to work, out on a date or even to the beach! Try pairing with a sassy pair of shoes and cool accessories!


BOHO: Loving everything crafty? Are you one to put on all your accessories and add on one more? If so this is totally the trend for you! Pile on all the embellished stuff and rock it! My favorite place to shop for this trend is Free People they are boho year around!


SHEER: Try a sheer hem line or a sheer back! And yes silver accessories are perfectly acceptable with this look!


PASTELS: Consider these colors your new neutrals for spring! Pair back to back or wear them monotone! The soft pinks and blues are my favorite!


Until next time, stay styled right my lovely fashionistas!! xoxo FSR


These shoes are made for walking…

This Fall is all about the shoes. So ladies and gentlemen if you are shoeaholics you are in for a special treat this season!

Let the shoes make your outfit.  We all know that Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex In The City” had a total shoe obsession. If it was a new pair of jeans or a pair of Manolo Blahniks… it was definitely the Manolo’s! So if you are going to buy a few things to style up your closet for Fall b-line for the shoe section first! From oxford booties to pointed toe pumps to over-the-knee boots to your outrageously glamorous stiletto there is something for everyone to love!

So now the question you probably all are pondering is how do you allow your shoes to speak in every outfit! Usually we get dressed by first picking out either a pair of pants (skirt/shorts) or the top and then once we have decided on that pairing we then chose the shoes. However, being that outrageous, fun, textured and colored shoes are the biggest trend this Fall try picking out the shoes first and then finding the rest of the outfit to pair with it!! Trust me you might be surprised what chic outfits you come up with! It almost reinvents your closet into something totally different. This can sometimes be tricky but also really fun. So my fellow styled right fashionistas go on and try it! Can’t wait to see what you all come up with…

acss-best-shoes-fall-2013-02-v Best-Spring-2013-Fashion-Week-Shoes Best-Spring-2013-shoes chloe-neiman-marcus-shoes-boots-stacked-heel-laceup-oxford-blackblue colin-stuart-over-the-knee-hidden-platform-boot-178 over-the-knee-boots-on-the-fall-2013-runways shoes-still-558x436

Fall into Equestrian Style!

Are you ready for fall? Have you started to add great pieces to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall?

Well, whether you have or have not fear not FSR is here to help you ease into fall with just a few great ideas! After working in retail for many years I have noticed many people have the misconception that they must buy a whole new wardrobe for each season. And that may be great for some who have an endless supply of money. However, for those who may be on a budget a few pieces are all you need. It is truly unnecessary to start over each season with a new wardrobe. Me being from Seattle an transitioning into Southern California I had to learn how to combine to totally different wardrobes. Now going into my third Winter in California I have learned that with just a few great pieces and adding a few additional trend pieces my wardrobe is ready for Fall.

This Fall is particularly trending with an Equestrian Style. So a few pieces that would be great to update your style for Fall as well as adding a touch of Equestrian Style are as follows…

#1. Essential must have for Fall is a great pair of boots! And why not try an equestrian inspired pair! I am especially loving the black and brown combo!



#2. Equestrian inspired belt! Belts are always a great way to define your waist. And also a great way to accessorize a chunky sweater!



#3. Burgundy jeans! Not only can you style them with your equestrian style boots they are the current color trend for fall as well.


#4. Equestrian inspired jewelry!



#5. Tweed blazer! Style over a sheath dress to go to work or a pair of jeans and boots to go on a date! This is definitely an essential piece that can be worn year around as well. This is a piece I would suggest splurging on!


Here is an example how you can style your tweed jacket on warm days! My motto is versatility, versatility, versatility!


#6. Colored tights! Take many of your summer dresses and skirts and transition them into fall with just the simple add on of a colored pair of tights!




#7. A piece of leather! Somewhere in your wardrobe you should have a great piece of leather whether it is a top, jacket, vest or even pants! This Fall is showing leather to also just be an accent on a garment! Let this be where you show your personal style! Here are just a few examples…



#8. Wool Hats! These are also great for Summer and Fall!



Ok, now that you know the must have pieces to transition your style from Summer to Fall its time to go shopping! Make your appointment today for your free consultation! Email > LaurenIce.FashionStyledRight@gmail.com

Until next time stay stylish and fabulous! Xoxo FSR

AZTEC from runway to the streets!



I do not think there is anything that is beyond the human imagination that cannot be turned into a fashion trend; and the Aztec pattern is a perfect example of that. It started to show up in many designer’s collections last fall and has carried over into this spring and summer. Now like I have always said there is always a way to be styled right, which is what I want all my fashionistas to be able to achieve daily! You can pretty much find Aztec in every piece of clothing from shirts, pants, shorts and even headbands and shoes. This pattern has even extended to men’s clothing, cell phone covers and latest finger nails! This is definitely no shortage of this Aztec pattern. I would recommend deciding on which piece of your outfit is going to be Aztec and let everything else compliment it. I would start with the Aztec piece and build around it. The golden rule is to not over do it! Clothing with this pattern can be found at Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Zara, H&M and Express (just to name a few).

Here are a few examples of ways you can wear the Aztec pattern:

I would recommend wearing these shorts with a casual coral or orange top with a pair of toms. If you wanted to walk on the wild side try pairing these with a pair of leggings and booties with a white top and leather jacket.


Another great way to wear this trend is a aztec pattern dress!


Surprisingly this pattern can even be dressed up for a night out. Add some sequins and BAM you are glamourous!


Even men can be dressed in Aztec, well that is underneath! I looked for men’s clothing with the Aztec pattern but was disappointed in what I saw. So men lets just keep this trend to your underwear! 🙂


A very easy way to where this trend is to through on a sweater or top with this pattern and pair it with a pair of leggings and lace up boots! This would be the boho chic style! 🙂


My favorite way to where this trend is with a blazer thrown over the top! You could pair this either with a pair of mint green shorts(which is also a big trend) or even a great pair of skinny jeans and a pair of heels!

ImageOk now that I have shown you how to wear this trend get to it and try it out for yourself! Always stay styled right!! xoxo FSR

Seeing spots!

Ever heard the saying “eenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini”? Yes, polka dots are back and a bigger trend then ever before. They are not just being seen on the yellow bikini (LOL) they are on everything from headbands to shoes, purses, shorts, tops etc. This fashion trend first emerged in the early 19th century and made its way back last winter and has now carried itself into spring and summer of 2012! So now the burning questions should be, how do you wear polka dots and if this trend should be left in the past?

Well, to me the polka dot pattern is similar to leopard print. It never really goes out of style, it just takes a back seat to other trends that may be bigger at the moment. I would definitely consider polka dots to be classic and something that is  always great to have in your wardrobe. Now there really is not right or wrong way to wear polka dots it just depends on your personal style and how daring you want to be. Also, depending on your stature and what item you have chosen to have the polka dots will depend on the size of polka dot pattern would be best for you.There are lots of garments with an array of different sizes of polka dots so its important to try them on. After, you have tried a few different pieces on you will be able to see what is the best fit for your body. Usually a good rule of thumb is if you are a larger in size its good to wear a smaller print and vice versa.

For example, if you are smaller and really don’t have shape a good way to wear this print would be a high wasted bold printed skirt! Of course to make your outfit pop I would suggest pairing this skirt with a bright red patent leather belt, possibly a blazer and a sparkly pair of flats! (that is just one of the many ways you could style this skirt but definitely not limited to those particular items.)Another, great garment in polka dot pattern is a sheer blouse. Now this is great not only tucked in a pencil skirt or high wasted slacks for work but can be a great piece to wear into the evening! If you want to style this top to go out in try pairing with a great pair of jeans and peep toe heels and if you are really daring try a pair of leather hot shorts!

One of my favorite ways to wear this trend is to pair it with a bright solid color (especially orange since this is one of the biggest colors this summer). Below is a good example of how two trends can come together nicely. (However, I would steer away from the earrings and shoes chosen here and pair this outfit with a great black bootie and small stud earrings).

If you really want to try this trend but you are just not bold enough you can try something a little more suttle and wear a pair of great polka dot patterned flats or even heels paired with skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Oh and top it off with a bright colored bag. Ladies, it does not get much easier than that! Another trend that is mixed in with this great patterned pant is the sheerness of the pant. If you live in hot climate and have to dress business attire to work these pants would be a great edition to your wardrobe. Just pair these with a white blouse and blazer and nude heels and you are ready to take on the world in polka dots! 🙂  Okay ladies, so there you have it just a few great ways to wear polka dots this summer… Don’t be afraid wear the dots I guarantee you will get compliments!

Platforms perform!

Okay okay so I have finally decided to give in to this trend. You know how after a while you keep hearing that annoying song that you can not stand but then you find yourself singing to it and eventually you start to like it. Well, that is exactly what happened; working retail can do that to you with certain trends. I was really not into this chunky heel trend but like many trends, styled the right way it actually is a good look. Again, let me repeat myself I said when it is STYLED RIGHT! Additionally, like I have said before every trend is not for everyone so do not be afraid to try this trend but do not make it work if it is just not working [lol].

Now some chunky heels I think are just totally outrageous and way in left field; Jeffery Campbell designs are a perfect example of being way over the top.

Jeffery Campbell (YUCK)

Jeffery Campbell (STYLE NO NO)

These heels are not something you can wear everyday and you are for sure making a statement when you step out in these heels. If you are tempted to try this trend I recommend a heel that is maybe a little more subtle or at least has good style such as Steve Madden or Sam Edelman; they are a good middle price point, decent quality and are still very edgy without being too much. Definitely with trends like this that are “in” one day and “out” the next I would not spend too much. When you are on a budget spending a large amount on a fade/trend is not a smart choice, it is a much better idea to spend more on great basics you will have for years to come, these are the pieces that will get the most wear. Of course high end designers also created styles in this trend such as Christian Louboutin, Prada and Jimmy Choo. Within the platform heel category there are a few different styles; there is the platform heel bootie, platform high heel and platform wedge. All three are great when styled the right way! Each are unqiuely different and are all meant for different occasions. Here are some ideas of how to style these heels if you are looking to jump on the band wagon with this trend! 🙂

#1: Hipster (platform bootie): There are a few different ways I would recommend styling this heel depending if this is for day or night. For a more casual look I would pair these with leggings or jeggings with a blouse and if its a little chilly out throw on a leather jacket over the top. Keep the jewelry super simple since the shoe has so much personality, maybe just a ring or bracelet. For evening I would pair these with a fitted skirt with dark sheer nylons underneath and a loose blouse or tank tucked in. Again keep the jewelry and accessories simple.

Steve Madden

Now I know I said to be budget conscious with this trend however, if you decide to splurge anyways these would be my top choice. Styling wise I would recommend skinny jeans with a blouse. If you are really daring try even pairing these with a sheath dress for a “funky work look”.

Christian Louboutin

Now you all know I was in love with suede this past season and well I still am! Because of the fabric choice and color this heel is very versatile. You can make it casual or dress it up. Personally, I would recommend this heel for a more daytime look pairing them with a cotton dress (A.L.C makes great cotton fitted dresses) and a statement necklace. 🙂

Steve Madden

Love these for a super casual look. Because of the wool fabric I would suggest doing a basic t-shirt paired with skinny jeans or jeggings. If you are feeling daring try pairing these with the T by Alexander Wang twist hem knit skirt (or something like it) with a t-shirt and a leather vest.

Alexander Wang

#2: Girly working woman (platform chunky heel): Leopard print is here to stay people seem to think this print goes out of style but personally I think it has been in style for years. Sometimes it fades to the back but this print NEVER truly goes out of style. Because of the chunkiness of this heel it needs to be paired with something that is of thicker fabric. Wearing a flowy dress will leave this outfit unbalanced. A great red sheath dress would be an awesome look or even a simple maxi dress (cotton fabric). You could also try a high waisted skirt with a blazer and a nice silk shell underneath. If you did want to wear these more casual try pairing them with a high waisted large flared jean with a t-shirt tucked in.

Steven by Steve Madden

For a more daring outfit to wear to work try pairing your pencil skirt and blouse with these heels!

Steven by Steve Madden

I love, love, love ankle straps on heels. Normally I would not recommend it as it can cut off your legs making them not look as long. However, with the thickness of the heel and the overall look of the shoe it actually does not take away but adds a unique flare. Still if you are of shorter stature I would probably recommend a the shoe above instead. 🙂 This heel can really be styled in a number of different ways. Since they do have the ankle strap; stick to wearing a dress or skirt keeping them simple is key. To much going on can kill the look its better to be a little understated than way to overstated!

Sam Edelman

#3: Stepping out (thick high heel): Now when you are getting ready to step out with your girlfriends this is the heel I would chose from this trend. Now I know once again I said if you are going to buy this trend do not spend a lot however I am making this style of shoe an acceptation do to the fact they are more of a normal high heel just with a thicker heel in the back!

For these Via Spiga heels I would recommend a great shift dress (these also come in grey, black and patent leather leopard).

Via Spiga

The old business theory applies here keep it KISS (Keep It Stupid Simple). Because this shoe is the focal point let them shine do a great dress solid color such as purple, red or black. Great for an evening charity event. Ps. These are also for a more mature woman.


Another great heel for a dressy occasion. Make sure the dress has a good weight to the fabric.

Miu Miu

These are my favorite! No not because they are Christian Louboutins but because the color is so versatile and they have just the right amount of sparkle. I recommend styling these with skinny jeans and a fun top. Of course you can really wear these anyway you desire since they are an essence just a peep toe pump with just a platform and thicker heel. 🙂

Christian Louboutin

Ok ladies, it is that time again where it is up to you now to go out and be styled right with the tips you have learned!!!

Buy Now…Wear Now

On average a person only wears 25% of their wardrobe. Now there are many reasons for this and let me tell you not having enough clothes is never the case! [LOL] Some causes may be that they bought items hoping they would eventually fit into it, it was such a bargain they could not pass it up, or it was a had to have item at the time but went home and quickly realized nothing in their closet went with it. Now these are all big no no’s when you go shopping however, they are not what I am going to focus on for today. What I want to talk about is something much bigger and not really an issue but more of a styling concept that one must learn. I call it “Buy Now…Wear Now”.  It is a great styling tool to learn and use consistently as it will help you grow your wardrobe as well as wear a lot more pieces through out the year.

Now most of you know that in the fashion world there are only two seasons. Spring and Fall; there is no Summer and Winter like the weather seasons. Thus, meaning that the concept of buying for certain seasons is totally backwards. If you have not already noticed we are still in August and Spring Collections are all on sale while Fall Collections are coming in at rapid speed! Fall is considered to be from July to December and Spring is January to June. Therefore, you really have to be aware of what you are buying, when to buy certain pieces and most importantly how to get the most wear out of each piece. This concept is especially important when you are dropping a large amount of money on one piece. I do condone this type of shopping 100%, I believe quantity over quality but that is a whole other topic. 🙂 Now, because we are currently in Fall it seems most appropriate to teach you how to wear the trends of this season while we are still seeing the sun blazing outside. Not to mention that Fall is my favorite season, born and raised in the Northwest my have something to do with my favorites. I absolutely love boots, tweed coats, bulky sweaters, sequin dresses, dark color, etc… the list could go on forever.

The two trends that I am really loving are FUR and LEATHER! Both of these trends can totally be worn now for Summer and will transition perfectly into Fall. Now I know you must be thinking, “are you crazy it is like 80 degrees outside how do you expect me to wear fur and moreover leather”! Well, let me tell you that styled with the right pieces its very doable. I do not know about you but I love instant gratification and the thought of buying a fabulous $1,500 fur jacket or vest and having it tucked away in my closet until the temperature drops to at least 40 degrees is just unacceptable. If fur is your trend of choice this season, I would style it with a great high waisted short, a light weight blouse, topped off with your fabulous new FUR jacket/vest and paired with chunky wedges! Now in the evening you could switch it up with a skinny jean, tank top and the vest/jacket. Moreover, when it gets cold you can also put a long top underneath the vest. And the jacket of course will look great over anything especially a sequin dress!

Transition from Summer to Winter in a FUR VEST!

Always glamourous in FUR!

If you are dieing to wear your leather jacket, shorts or pants here are a few ideas of how to style them. Leather jacket is pretty simple you can really style it over anything and it will look good. A summer dress, tank and shorts, maxi dress, top and jeans, etc. Leather shorts are easy as well your legs are already exposed so all you need to think about is what you will wear up top. I would suggest something light weight; t-shirt, blouse, tank, or maybe even that fur vest. Pair it with wedges or caged sandals and you are ready! Now if leather pants are your trend of choice, I would suggest only wearing these late in the evening as leather does not breath. Also, again I would wear something light weight so that you stay as cool as you can. In the winter, when the weather actually cools off I would pair both the leather pants and shorts with bulky sweaters and booties. The shorts I would also wear a textured tight underneath, that way you stay warm and look chic doing it. What is really neat about this seasons leather is that is washed leather which makes it more casual and to me seems to be a better look for Summer.

Transition from Summer to Winter in Leather pants!



Transition from Summer to Winter in Leather shorts!

Ok, so now that you know how to wear two of the best trends for Summer and Fall… get to shopping! And do not be afraid to splurge, these two trends always seem to come and go through different years they are definitely pieces that you just never get rid of! And I must say vintage fur is the best!

Here are a few of my favorite leather and fur pieces in retail stores now…

Kenna Leather Pants (Nordstrom)

Balmain Leather Jacket (Nordstrom)

Another Look... Balmain Leather Jacket

Vince Fur Vest (Nordstrom)

3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Skirt (Nordstrom)

Burberry Porseum Leopard Fur Jacket (Nordstrom)