HOLIDAY STYLE GUIDE…Sequins, Bows and Lace OH MY!!

With only 35 days till Christmas for most the holiday planning, shopping and decorating is in full swing! Holidays are suppose to be the most joyful time of year however sometimes it can become stressful with so many things to check off your list. And of course piling on the stress are those invitations on your counter to family and work parties along with New Years Eve events! And the inevitable question is “what am I going to where?”. Well, fret no more my holiday gift to you is this Holiday Style Guide to make your holiday outfit shopping a breeze!!


One of the key ingredients this holiday season is making the most out of a few pieces! You do not need to go buy 4 new outfits for 4 parties!

  1. Figure out what is the common theme between all your events.
    • Dressy: A few glamorous items to your wardrobe is all you need, thus shop for a few items such as a skirt, sweater, clutch or dress.
    • Casual: Shop for a few items such as a skirt, sweater, jewelry, scarf or a handbag.
    • Family friendly: Shop for garments you can have fun in. You never know the games they might have, so you want to look fabulous yet be comfortable. Shop for a few items such as a pair of pants, sweater, festive top, or flats.
    • Work: Shop for garments that are not to revealing. I always love buying a new pair of shoes and some great jewelry for work events!
  2. Decide what trends you are loving this season.
    • Sequins: If you are loving sequins there are endless options!! My favorite garment this season is a sequin skirt (there are endless options when it comes to styling it). Also, sequin clutches and heels are a big trend as well! And of course, the newest trend is sequin nails!
    • Bows: If you haven’t already noticed BOWS have really made a statement this season. Look for a great dress, jacket or sweater with bow detail or even a bow headband. πŸ™‚ I am also loving heels with bow detail!!
    • Lace: A classic trend that is always around year after year for the holiday is lace! You can find lace on dresses, tops, skirts and scarfs.
    • Mesh: My absolute favorite trend this season and definitely the biggest trend is MESH! You can find dresses and tops with mesh!
    • Velvet: If you need something simple and classic yet is dressy velvet would be the best choice in a garment!
    • Embellished collars: All you need is one! I love this trend because it can really grow your wardrobe by taking a top, dress or sweater and changing the look just by adding an embellished collar!
  3. Where to shop.
    • Nordstrom
    • Banana Republic
    • Express
    • ALDO
    • H&M
    • Ann Taylor Loft
    • J. CREW
    • Steve Madden
    • Saks Fifth Avenue
  4. Mix and Match.
    • Have one focal point:
      • If you purchased a sequin sweater let that be the focus of your outfit and everything else you want to compliment it. For example: take a simple black dress and throw your sequin sweater over the top! Or if you are going to a family party try pairing the sweater with a nice dark denim, a silk shell!
      • If you invested in a new skirt try pairing it with your favorite heels for a work event with a nice blazer. Also, try pairing it with a casual t-shirt and blazer for a casual event.
    • Accessories can change any outfit: If you invested in a necklace and/or clutch. You can mix these with any of your outfits! A sparkle or lace clutch is sure to make any outfit festive!
















Do you wake up in the morning and dread going into your closet? Do you wear the same suit 2-3 days a week and feel totally stuck in a rut? Are you unsure what to wear at work for the spring season?

Well if this is you worry no more I have all the answers you have been wondering! I know it is easy to get stuck in a rut with work clothes, you have your same “go to” to outfits because you just do not know what to wear or how to rework your existing work wardrobe. Thus, it becomes routine to wear a pair of black slacks or skirt and pair it with a blouse and maybe even a jacket. Or maybe you are a lawyer and when it comes to work clothes you most likely go to that simple black suit only changing the under pinning and maybe the shoes. Now I know being a woman, we all love to express ourselves and I really have not met many women who do not love clothes and obviously want to have variety in their wardrobe. Β Where many women go wrong is thinking that with a suit there are not many options, however it is just the opposite! There are endless options when it comes to professional work attire and this does include having to wear a suit to work each day. It all comes down to the accessories (shoes, bag, jewelry). Additionally, since it is spring push your black to the back and move your gray, navy, tan colors to the front! These colors are great substitutes to the traditional black suit and this season has definitely been the season for recreating the traditional suit. many designers have made fabulous Spring work attire that will not only care you through this season but many seasons to come. Save your black blazers for a night out with your skinny jeans, that way your still getting use out of your black suiting pieces but in a more edgy way!

I really love the way gray suits look in the spring. They still look very professional and polished yet they look fresh and fabulous with bright colors underneath. And I am sure you have noticed that one of the many popular colors of this season is coral which looks great under gray. I also really LOVE navy! The great thing about navy is that it is so versatile. It really pulls out whatever color you have chosen to pair it with. It is a great alternative to black, it is just less harsh then black, especially when putting bright colors underneath, it softens the edge. Also, to give your work wardrobe a pop, pair these suits with neutral accessories and most importantly have fun with the jewelry. I know there may be restrictions on attire but I have never heard of there being a restriction on the type of jewelry you can wear! Jewelry like i have discussed before can change the whole look of your outfit.

If you are not confined to wearing a suit to work each day really try to think outside the box. Pair a great pencil skirt with a tweed jacket or an embellished sweater. Where a high wasted pant with a crop jacket, you can still mix in your favorite black pieces just be sure to pop some color! When it comes mix and matching just stay in the same color palette and if you want to be daring go ahead and through a unexpected color in the mix! I dare you!!! πŸ™‚ Below are a few ideas of how to mix and match for this season.

Great brands for spring work wear:

  • Theory (FAVORITE for basics)
  • Theyskens Theory (more edgy great to go from day to night)
  • Ellie Tahari
  • DVF
  • Michael Kors
  • Jason Wu
  • Dolce & Gabana
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim
  • Kate Spade (FAVORITE for color)
  • Trina Turk
  • Rachel Roy

Happy spring shopping!!

Wedding attire!

It is definitely the season for weddings and in the spirit of the recent wedding of William and Kate I thought this topic would be fitting. I feel like every weekend someone is getting married and each wedding is unique from the next which means more likely then not you is appropriate attire will be different for each one. And its no wonder at least once a day if not more I have a client that is attending a wedding and most have no clue what to wear. To help them determine the direction we will go in for their outfit I always ask a few questions…

  1. When is the wedding?
  2. Where is the wedding located?
  3. What time is the wedding at?

Usually these three factors will be enough to start pulling some items to start trying on. A few things that I always keep in mind no matter the type of wedding is that the outfit should be classy, not overly sexy and of course not WHITE. I know there are some people that think it is ok to wear white to a wedding however, that color should be left to the bride. I do however think it is acceptable to wear black, this color can be very figure flattering for most. Although, I would refrain from wearing black to a daytime wedding if you can, this is more of an evening look.

Here are a few examples of what to wear to a few different weddings (most invitations do not have a dress code so here is a helpful guide depending on the three factors i discussed above):

  • Summer/Church/Daytime: I would suggest a dress or a nice skirt and top with some color. The dress or skirt should be not much shorter than right above the knee. A light cotton fabric (no silk to dressy) or tweed. Choice of shoes are endless but the best options I would say would be a wedge or open toe pump.
  • Winter/Church/Evening: Since it is in the evening. I would suggest a nice dress or a long skirt with a blouse. Still not too casual but also not too dressy. Darker colors, burgundy, black, emerald green etc.
  • Spring/VEGAS/Evening: Well time to pull out your favorite jewelry. Wear a dress with color (coral, green, red etc.) a low back with a covered front would be a great choice. I would also do a fancy shoe to dress up your dress. And even though the wedding is in vegas you still want to look classy, so not too short or too low cut. Since Vegas is hot I would refrain from wearing pants, plus to casual for a fun wedding.
  • Summer/Church/Day-evening formal: Since this wedding is during the day but continues through the night I would suggest a more formal cocktail dress. Maybe a silk sheath dress and a sling back shoe. Wearing black would be appropriate but brighten it up with some colorful jewelry.
  • Summer/Beach/Daytime:A maxi dress would be the best option and if you are of shorter stature a nice summer dress. If the wedding is in a exotic location it would be most appropriate to wear bright colors and no black.

    The dress is great but wear a wedge or sandal.

Dress codes on invitiations:

  • BLACK TIE: This is the most formal of all weddings. Usually an evening gown or formal cocktail dress with dramatic jewelry.
  • BEACH FORMAL: This suggest an elegant beach wedding, so dress to impress but beware of the exact location. A fancy/formal sundress with nice sandals (no flip flops). (Bring a sweater it may be cold because of the wind by the water.)
  • SEMI-FORMAL: This is where things can get confusing. Which is why the above info will be the best guide!
  • CASUAL: Usually this means anything goes. However, I would refrain from wearing denim. Business casual will keep you on the safe side and of course a nice cotton dress or pant and blouse is appropriate as well.
If you have any other questions feel free to message me. I would love to be of help in anyway that I can. I hope this has helped!!

Dressing for your dream job!

I really wanted to touch on this subject since I work with a lot of business women. I wardrobe many women each day for work events, day-to-day work wear and of course the all important interview for their dream job. Just as much time and energy you put into preparing for the interview before hand, such as researching the company etc., should be the same time and effort you put into finding the perfect outfit that says “I am your new ______can’t you tell!!” When walking into an interview room what you wear is the first impression they will have of you. So you must think to yourself, “what am I saying in this outfit?”. What you decide to wear will project more than you think. You can only make a first impression once so you must get it right the first time. There is no room for error in interviewing for your dream job! You can think about your outfit as your “body” resume, just like the words on a paper make up your resume on paper the garments you chose to wear make up your resume on your body. They both must project the same thing, that you are the right candidate for the job.

Since, we now live in the 21st century what use to be appropriate for an interview has definitely started to evolve. What use to be unacceptable is now considered appropriate. For many, people still have the notion that when interviewing for a job you must wear a suit. And as that still may be true for a small proportion of jobs you may interview for, 9 out of 10 times it is unnecessary and now may be considered over the top. And I know you must think I am crazy for saying that wearing a suit to an interview is over the top but in actuality it is very true. Since, the first lady, Michelle Obama made the sheath dress appropriate for everyday work wear, the business place has been taken over by more trendy and stylish work attire. It’s great because you can now show your personal style even through your work wear. Additionally, many companies also dress business casual now and it’s always a good rule of thumb to dress for the job you are interviewing for. They need to be able to envision you doing the job through all aspects, including you looking the part. Thus, depending on what job you are interviewing for will really decipher what you will want to wear. There is no one outfit that will work for all interviews however, its important that no matter what you wear you look polished and put together. Also, when accessorizing be careful of over doing it. If you are not sure I would say stick to diamond or pearl studs and/or a pearl necklace (shows signs of success). It is important to make the jewelry complimentary to the outfit and not a distraction. When I say distractions I am referring to bangles and necklaces that make noise when moving. I would definitely say in this situation less is more. Furthermore, just as much as the jewelry can make n break your outfit so can your shoes. Do not wear anything evening such as strappy shoes, cage heals or booties. I have always believed that a classic pump or peep toe is the best option no matter what job you are interviewing for. It just looks more polished and professional. πŸ™‚ And finally keep in mind of the length of your skirt/dress (if you wear one), it should be no shorter than right above your knee and consider the cut of your top; this goes back to making sure its professional and appropriate. When in doubt go longer in length and more covered on top. If you are questioning it its probably not appropriate. Also, sit in your outfit as well facing a mirror and make sure the length does not rise too much and that when you stand up you do not need to fidget with your garments. Last but not least make sure everything is cleaned and pressed! πŸ™‚

Here are a few ideas/pointers for an array of job categories. (these are only my suggestions you still want to put your own personal style twist on whatever you choose)

FASHION/RETAIL: Dress fashion forward, you really have endless options. Sheath dress, high waisted pant with great blouse…Statement piece is definitely a must here.

ACCOUNTING/FINANCE/INSURANCE: Mismatching suit, meaning 2 pieces that truly complement each other without being matchy matchy!! Have fun with jewelry, cocktail ring etc!

LEGAL: Matching Suit. Personally, I would suggest a jacket and skirt instead of a jacket and pants. Your underpinning is were you can have fun, do not wear red! Stick to basic colors as well when it comes to the suit (no strips). Simple jewelry.

REAL ESTATE: Matching suit or suit jacket with a great skirt/pant (mismatching suit). I am a big fan of tweed skirts/pants with a great tailored solid jacket.

TEACHER: Dress fun but professional. You really want to show your personality through your outfit. Sheath dress with or without blazer, basic pant with fun top. Play up the jewelry!

MEDICAL/HEATH: Great blouse with skirt/pant. No need to wear blazer.


  • Michael Kors, Jason Wu, Dolce & Gabanana (AMAZING sheath dresses)
  • Theory, Theyskens Theory (great basics and full suiting, runs small)
  • Nanette Lepore (great tweed pieces)
  • Rachel Roy (unique sheath dresses)
  • Kate Spade (fun pieces for underpinnings)
  • Milly (fun pieces)
  • Elie Tahari (Full suiting, fits wide range)
  • DVF (wrap dresses and great blouses)
  • Robert Rodriguez (great blouses and blazers)
  • Smythe (BEST fitting blazers)

Example: (this would be great for teaching interview) Minus the a cocktail ring instead.

Do you look the part for your dream job??