Being a new expectant mother brought on new challenges in my wardrobe as I am sure it has yours as well if you have expected or are currently. As a stylist I took this on as a styling challenge since there was no way I was going to head to the maternity department. Staying stylish while my baby bump continues to grow (not to mention my chest as well) is a must. 🙂 Not until about week 13 did I actually notice that my pants were getting tight, from there it spiraled to my dresses not zipping and my favorite pieces going on the shelf until next year. This is when I decided my new wardrobe had to began! And I do not mean buying a whole new wardrobe, I just mean adjusting the way I wear my wardrobe. So you ask what are my secrets? How am I accommodating my growing belly? Well here are my 5 tips and tricks and as I grow even bigger I am sure I will have even more to share!

Tips & Tricks:

1. Get BRA fitting: Ladies if you think you are going to stay the same size while your baby bump is growing you are crazy. Trust me are boobs is one of the first things to start growing and trust me there is nothing worse than in ill fitting bra. Plus, if you want to keep your boobs perky wearing the right size bra is truly important. 🙂 I would recommend just buying one nude and one black. If your boobs grow out of that size then do the same thing and get the next size up that you need. DO NOT buy a bra to large thinking you will grow into it. Be the size you are TODAY! (Also, put all the bras the currently do not fit in your wardrobe into a bag and store in your closet, you do not need to be bothered with those at the moment.) Embrace your new found curves!

Example: When you get the appropriate bra size you boobs look even better! 🙂 I was 4 months pregnant here!


2. Buy for TODAY: I think many make this mistake. Buying to large to either try and hide the baby bump or thinking buy larger so you will grow into it later is exactly what you do not want to do. Instead you should be embracing your beautiful miracle at the stage you are currently at and buying for your current size. Trying to hide it only makes you look larger and over weight instead of pregnant! 🙂

This is what happens when you buy clothes trying to cover your bump! (Not styled right)


This is how stylish you can look when you buy the right size! (Styled right)


3. STRETCHY fabric is your new best friend: When things started to fit tight I went through my wardrobe put all my stretchy items towards the front of my closet. Leggings, skirts and dresses that are stretchy are now my current favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I also then put all my tops that were looser to the front as well. That way I wouldn’t waste time trying things on I knew were to small for the current moment.

5 months pregnant here! Amazing what stretchy skirts can do! Both these items were already currently in my closet.


4. Belly Band: These belly bands were one of my first purchases I made. I knew that I loved all my jeans and buying a bunch of maternity jeans just did not seem appealing. What is great about these belly bands is that they allow for your growing belly all through the pregnancy. They help hold your jeans up and save you a ton of money on buying new jeans. You can find these at target only $16, I bought them in every color!


5. Buy a few pieces through each stage: Of course the inevitable will happen and you will need to buy a few things for your growing belly so make sure as you go shopping that these items are comfortable, not too tight and again are stretchy fabric. That way even if you grow a little you will not have grown out of it so fast. 🙂 Try to intermix these items with things you are still fitting in your current wardrobe.

Only dress I have bought since becoming pregnant! And I love it, not only does it fit my style it shows off my cute baby bump and still room to grow in it!



Until next time stay styled right! xoxo FSR


Don’t be a “Hot Mess”

I cannot even to begin to count how many “hot messes” I see daily! And even worse maybe even you are a victim of being a “hot mess”. If you are unsure if you fall under the category of being a “hot mess” than read on and lets make sure you are never a “hot mess” again and if you see someone who is let them know how to correct themselves!

Anyone can become a victim of a “hot mess” which is why I felt it was so important to touch on this subject. You can have the best style and have the greatest outfit on but if you fall short by wearing the wrong undergarments your style suddenly goes from being “hot” to a “hot mess”. If you are still a little confused on how to spot a “hot mess” let me break it down for you, it is someone who may have a great outfit on but has ruined it by the undergarments. The worst part is, they probably put a lot of time and effort into finding a great outfit however, it is quickly ruined by the careless thought they put into deciding which undergarments to wear with the outfit. This mistake is unfortunately made by many daily. People are under the impression for some reason that undergarments do not make that much of a difference, however they make a huge difference. A lot of times my clients will be in the dressing room and they cannot figure out why the outfit looks a little strange, or why it is not fitting quite right. Well the answer is simple!! They need the correct undergarments and usually its just the change of a bra or adding a shaper underneath. Also, depending on the garment panty lines may show through, underwear my be shown when its not suppose to, garments also may not fit correctly due to the wrong undergarments (which was explained above). I cannot stress enough how important it is to wear the right bra, panties, and shapers to give your outfit the “wow” factor instead of falling in the “hot mess” category. Below are helpful guidelines when shopping for the best and most appropriate undergarments for every outfit.

Undergarment Guidelines:

If you are wearing a silk/jersey dress: Wear SEAMLESS panties!! Do not wear lace or cotton thongs or anything with any type of embellishments. You may think its does not show but under the right light or when you bend over it may show. To insure there are no lines again wear seamless.

If you are wearing white: Wear NUDE undergarments NOT white!! I know many people think if I am wearing a white top or white bottoms that wearing white undergarments is the correct choice however wearing white underneath white is just as bad as wearing black. The only way to wear white is wear all nude undergarments (again no lace or embellishments).

Best for tummy control when wearing a shirt with pants/skirt: YUMMYTUMMY, these are seriously the best when it comes to wanting a smoother look under your shirt. They come in black/white/nude. Best part is at the top it looks just like a regular tank top, so no one will even know your secret!

Yummy Tummy

Best for tummy control when wearing a dress: SPANX, no matter what type of control you need, spanx has you covered. All the way from thigh to tummy control and light to heavy control there is the right control for each person. Spanx are great even for the thinnest of women, sometimes no matter how skinny you are the garment may just not give you the small waist you are looking for or the dress just may lay funny or cling in just the wrong spot. Spanx will be your best friend and make any outfit look great!


If you are wearing a strapless/halter/racer back/backless dress/top: There is nothing worse than bra straps showing when wearing these types of garments. It completely makes the outfit go from classy to trashy. Undergarments are called UNDERgarments for a reason, they are not to be shown. Thus, if you are wearing a strapless dress, wear a strapless bra. If you wearing a halter dress wear a halter bra. If you are wearing a backless dress either wear pasties or buy the bra that is only attached in the front or get a converter if its not completely backless this will pull down your bra to be hidden in the back. (If you do not own a strapless bra or a converter bra please make your next shopping trip immeditaly to a lingerie store.) Also for racer back tops a great way to hid your straps are the connecters (they work great you can find them at Nordstrom or even a drug store like Walgreens). They are cheap and an easy fix to make your top or dress look that much better!

If you are wearing low cut pants: Wear LOW-RISE underwear, I think this one wins the #1 award for being a “hot mess”. When a woman sits down or bends over and her panties creep outside her pants, well there isn’t much to say about that accept, GROSS!

Best Lingerie Stores (in my opinion):

  • Intimates (best place for bra fitting)
  • Nordstrom (large selection of different brands)
  • Wolford (high-end)

Best Lingerie Brands (in my opinion):

  • Wacoal
  • Calvin klein
  • Bali
  • Chantelle
  • Freya
  • Playtex
  • Fantasie
  • Spanx
  • Wolford
  • Hanky Panky
** DO NOT buy lingerie offline. Every bra will fit different and it is so important to have the right fit you will not be the same bra size in each brand or style.
Ok ladies, now that you know what a “hot mess” is lets avoid ever being one, take the time to find the correct garments it will be worth it. Even if its a little expensive these are the pieces to invest in because they will be used more than anything else in your closet and will make all your outfits look even better! 🙂