Being a new expectant mother brought on new challenges in my wardrobe as I am sure it has yours as well if you have expected or are currently. As a stylist I took this on as a styling challenge since there was no way I was going to head to the maternity department. Staying stylish while my baby bump continues to grow (not to mention my chest as well) is a must. 🙂 Not until about week 13 did I actually notice that my pants were getting tight, from there it spiraled to my dresses not zipping and my favorite pieces going on the shelf until next year. This is when I decided my new wardrobe had to began! And I do not mean buying a whole new wardrobe, I just mean adjusting the way I wear my wardrobe. So you ask what are my secrets? How am I accommodating my growing belly? Well here are my 5 tips and tricks and as I grow even bigger I am sure I will have even more to share!

Tips & Tricks:

1. Get BRA fitting: Ladies if you think you are going to stay the same size while your baby bump is growing you are crazy. Trust me are boobs is one of the first things to start growing and trust me there is nothing worse than in ill fitting bra. Plus, if you want to keep your boobs perky wearing the right size bra is truly important. 🙂 I would recommend just buying one nude and one black. If your boobs grow out of that size then do the same thing and get the next size up that you need. DO NOT buy a bra to large thinking you will grow into it. Be the size you are TODAY! (Also, put all the bras the currently do not fit in your wardrobe into a bag and store in your closet, you do not need to be bothered with those at the moment.) Embrace your new found curves!

Example: When you get the appropriate bra size you boobs look even better! 🙂 I was 4 months pregnant here!


2. Buy for TODAY: I think many make this mistake. Buying to large to either try and hide the baby bump or thinking buy larger so you will grow into it later is exactly what you do not want to do. Instead you should be embracing your beautiful miracle at the stage you are currently at and buying for your current size. Trying to hide it only makes you look larger and over weight instead of pregnant! 🙂

This is what happens when you buy clothes trying to cover your bump! (Not styled right)


This is how stylish you can look when you buy the right size! (Styled right)


3. STRETCHY fabric is your new best friend: When things started to fit tight I went through my wardrobe put all my stretchy items towards the front of my closet. Leggings, skirts and dresses that are stretchy are now my current favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I also then put all my tops that were looser to the front as well. That way I wouldn’t waste time trying things on I knew were to small for the current moment.

5 months pregnant here! Amazing what stretchy skirts can do! Both these items were already currently in my closet.


4. Belly Band: These belly bands were one of my first purchases I made. I knew that I loved all my jeans and buying a bunch of maternity jeans just did not seem appealing. What is great about these belly bands is that they allow for your growing belly all through the pregnancy. They help hold your jeans up and save you a ton of money on buying new jeans. You can find these at target only $16, I bought them in every color!


5. Buy a few pieces through each stage: Of course the inevitable will happen and you will need to buy a few things for your growing belly so make sure as you go shopping that these items are comfortable, not too tight and again are stretchy fabric. That way even if you grow a little you will not have grown out of it so fast. 🙂 Try to intermix these items with things you are still fitting in your current wardrobe.

Only dress I have bought since becoming pregnant! And I love it, not only does it fit my style it shows off my cute baby bump and still room to grow in it!



Until next time stay styled right! xoxo FSR


How to dress for YOUR body…


With hot weather brings out some interesting outfits to say the least and with this heat wave the outfits have become more unbearable than the actual heat. I have seen this first hand more than ever living in California. And I have heard my friends say time and time again “what is she wearing” and this is usually referring to someone wearing a garment that is not suiting to their body type. So I figured this was a good time to give some guidelines as well as tips and tricks on how to dress for YOUR body type!


1. Understand your body: If you are a size 12 stop trying to be a size 6. Wearing garments that actually fit your body properly will make you look smaller. For example, if you know you have a large chest don’t squeeze into that dress that smothers them find something that compliments them.

2. Know your best body assets: This is my favorite trick when it comes to dressing different bodies! Did you ever notice in Destinys Child that each girl wore a different garment and it always showed off their best assets.


For example, have you ever noticed Beyonce wears mostly outfits that show off her legs to the max? Well that is done on purpose to give her butt the perfect look and show her other great asset her legs! Knowing your best asset(s) allows you to hunt for pieces that show off that asset.


So to figure this out stand naked in a full length mirror and look to see what looks good naked…

  • Arms: Wear a tank top or short sleeve garments and stop covering up those nice arms!!
  • Butt: Find dresses or jeans that make that butt look plump not flat. And just because you have a nice butt does not mean wear short shorts to literally show it off. Show it off with the right garment over the top.
  • Chest: If appropriate where those plunging necklines and be more conservative below.
  • Legs: Go conservative up top and show off those legs with a great pair of heels
  • Back: Go for those backless dresses and open back tops.
  • Stomach: Wear those cute mid drift tips that are such a big trend right now!

3. Know your troubled areas: Just like you stood in the mirror to find your best assets do the same to find your troubled areas. Knowing these areas will help to find garments that will disguise these. For example, your trouble area is your thighs. Even though it is hot resist the urge to buy those short shorts and purchase a pair of capris or a flowy long skirt and disguise the thighs. Wear a more light weight shirt since you will be wearing a long covered garment below.
4. Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it: Not every garment is meant for you just because it comes in your size. This goes back to knowing your body and finding the best garments that show it off appropriately.
5. Being able to zip up that garment does not mean it looks good on you and fits you properly: Sometimes it’s not even the women squeezing into the dress that is too tight making their chest spill over… it can also be the skinny girl who puts on the jeans that are so tight she literally has a pancake butt.

6. Undergarments are the key: It is so important to wear the appropriate undergarments with your ensemble. I can not stress this enough that a well fitting bra and the correct underwear will make your garments fit ten times better. That means no panty lines and no rolls seen through shirts. Panty lines can be avoided with the famous “seamless panties”! And no rolls can be created by using tummy controlling garments. You would be surprised how many celebrities that have great bodies wear spanks and other body controlling garments!

7. Less is more: I’m sure many of you have heard this before! Many women have the misconstrued conception that showing off more skin makes them more sexy. But in fact it has been proven that men like a little left to the imagination.

Ok ladies… you now have all the tips and guidelines to successfully dress for your body. So remember your best assets and troubled areas and dress accordingly! I guarantee you will get more compliments than ever before and may even meet Mr. Right instead of always Mr. Wrong!!

Until next time my fashionistas! Stay styled right! xoxo FSR

How to DRESS without STRESS…

I am sure at one point or another you have been running late for work and flipping through a ton of outfits feeling nothing looks good so then you always go back to the few pieces you always wear. And I am sure you have been asked out on a date and the first thing that runs through your mind is “what am I going to wear”. It was only last weekend that I was getting ready for a birthday dinner that I began to have the same issue. Yes even personal stylists can have fashion crisis’s! lol (It was then that I realized I was due for another closet clean out).  So now the question is how to avoid getting dressed under stress. Being stressed for time and trying to figure out what to wear is the worst. You are frantically trying to put something together but nothing is working so you end up with some mediocre outfit and of course during the day you probably run into your ex or are asked to give a presentation at work at even better asked out on a last minute lunch date. And now all you can think about is how you wish you had something else on. Well lucky for you I have some helpful steps so you too can learn to get dressed without stress!!

STEP 1: Get rid of the dead weight…

  • Make 3 piles: Give away, fix and find a match.
  • I know many of us do not like to let certain items of clothing go thinking to ourselves “one day I will wear that” or “I do not know what to wear with it but I love it”. First of all we all know the items we say “we will wear one day” never get worn so in that case put that in the give away pile.
  • If you just can’t seem to part with a few of the pieces you think you “will wear one day” start doing what I like to call the “REVERSE HANG”. What that means is every time you wear something and put it back in your closet hang it facing the opposite way. Then every six months look at all the items still facing the normal way and those are the items you really need to put in the give away pile.
  • Look at your “find a match” pile and create a list of items you need in order to complete those pieces to make an outfit.
  • Now that you have completed this step you should already feel a lot lighter. 🙂

STEP 2: Go shopping…

  • Pick out only the pieces that you put on your list. This is all you need for now.
  • I also have a package for this type of shopping if you are in need of some help. 🙂

STEP 3: Pick out your outfit the night before…

  • Do you ever remember doing this as a child the night before the first day of school? I definitely remember how excited I was to wear that outfit the next day and how all I had to do was get ready and put it on. There was no changing 5 or more times and staring at my closet. Thus, this is exactly what you should be doing every night before going to bed… trust me it works!!!
  • If you have 2 places to go that day, say work and a girls night out well then lay both outfits out. This will save you so much time in the long run and really help you avoid getting dressed under stress.

Ok, see that wasn’t so hard. Three steps and your now getting dressed with ease! Until next time stay styled right my fabulous fashionistas!! xoxo FSR

Rachel Zoe clothing line…I die!!

The anticipation is finally over…for years we have been loving her chic handbags, glamorous sunglasses, scarfs, and even jewelry, oh and not to mention continuously readying her book  “Style A to Zoe” as if it was the bible. Originally, from Short Hills, New Jersey this small town woman had big dreams. She took on New York city fresh out of college and became a fashion assistant for a magazine company. After having much success, she decided to tackle L.A. which in turn made her the stylist she is today. Zoe single handedly made vintage inspired looks combined with her love of print, color and avant-agarde trends to be the sought after style for many celebrities; she created the unexpected red carpet moment. Zoe is now celebrity stylist turned clothing designer; her eye for style mixed with her impeccable aesthetic created the ultimate yet affordable glamour line. She focused on making sure each piece could be mixed, matched and worn together for the perfect wardrobe.

The Fall 2011 collection consists of 33 pieces of utter amazingness! The collection looks just like her, so if you love Rachel Zoe’s vintage lived-in glamour and boho style all mixed into one you will love this collection, its done with taste, style and elegance and whats even better is the price point and sizes ranging from 0 to 12. I was blown away by the detail that went into each piece, the fabrication choices and cuts are just right. From ultra high waisted camel trousers to a long leopard maxi dress to a fitted black blazer inspired dress, no matter your size each piece fits beautifully. Most if not all these pieces can smoothly transition from day to night, with such versatility and with such a great price point this collection is a no brainier! Fortunately, I work for Nordstrom, which is one of the very few retailers carrying her line and let me tell you that this merchandise will not last long. We received the collection this morning and are blowing through sizes. The pictures online definitely do not do the garments justice, so I encourage all my fashionista’s to check it out I promise you will not be left disappointed. 🙂 DO NOT deprive your wardrobe, give it a special gift this month, its time to splurge on one piece of maybe a few! 🙂 If you would like to know which specific Nordstrom nearest you is carrying the line just contact me, I am always here for your fashion needs.

And for all mommies to be…the word is buzzing that she is working on a children’s clothing line as well. Now that’s what I call exciting, you will be able to have the ultimate mini me running around! 🙂

“Style is what one creates….glamour is a state of mind.” – Rachel Zoe

Here is a peak at the collection:


Suede is taking over the world!!

Well if you haven’t already noticed, than you must be seriously blind. 🙂 Anyone that walks into a retail store will see the huge increase in everything from men’s loafers to women’s wedges consisting of SUEDE! Almost every style of shoe you could imagine is now being produced in suede the trend is catching on more and more. I have seen strappy heels, wedges, pumps, loafers, ballerina flats and sandals all made in suede. Anywhere from the whole shoe to a detailed accent and let me tell you I am totally OBSESSED! Every time I go to pick out a shoe 9 times out of 10 there is suede on them. Additionally, this past Friday one of my clients asked me to bring her heel options for two different dresses that she could go from day to evening in by using the same heel. I realised quickly as I started to pull the heels out of the boxes and explain why I felt each one could work a theme occurred. They were almost all done in suede. Suede is a great alternative to a classic leather or even a patent leather, I consider it to be the most versatile of fabrics. It is the perfect in-between shoe you can really dress it up or dress it down. It will really depend on how you style it by the accessories you wear and the outfit it is being paired with. The options are really endless with this fabric choice however my favorite ways to pair suede is with anything tweed or a light weight silk garment (either a blouse or dress). Suede has even migrated onto headbands, jackets, handbags and hats. FYI, you can not beat a suede handbag it has so much class and elegance a piece like this will take you through many seasons to come. However, if you are going to purchase your first addition to your wardrobe in suede I would stick to a shoe and more over probably a pump or wedge! And if you are shopping with your man you might as well encourage him to pick up a pair of suede loafers as they are a great shoe he can wear to the office as well as on a date.

THREE very important things to remember when wearing suede…

#1: CARE FOR YOUR SUEDE! You must take great care when wearing suede especially on your feet. The first thing you should do is brush them and then spray them with water repellent. I would continue this process every few weeks. There is also suede cleaner if you do get something on them. A suede shoe uncared for will be an unhappy and furthermore an ugly shoe

#2: SUEDE HAS NO LIMITS! Suede can be funky or classy, whichever you prefer just own the look. 🙂 As you will see below the options with suede are endless and you can chose to be funky or classic which ever fits your personal style. Again, its all how you style this trend, own it in your new suede shoes!! 🙂

#3: UGGS ARE NOT A SUEDE TREND!! Do not go buy a pair of Uggs and think you are following the newest hottest trend!

What I really love is all the fall color shades in suede; burgundy, green, navy blue, gray and brown. Many designers have taken a liking to this trend, such as Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada, Jeffery Campbell, Vince Camuto, Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden and the list goes on. Here are a few of my favorite suede choices:


Well it only seemed fitting since today marked a new moment in history “The Royal Wedding” of William and Kate. As we all have been waiting in anticipation to see what Kate Middleton would wear on her wedding day, I was personally waiting to see what the guests would be wearing in addition to her dress. 🙂 Can I just say how much I love tradition and especially the British wedding traditions. The amazing hats that guests were asked to wear were a sight to see. Really gave the wedding a nice flare but very appropriate all at the same time. It reminded me of the Kentucky Derby but on a lower more fancy scale. Instead of the big oversized hats it was more about the uniqueness of the hat and how it was styled with the rest of the outfit. Some had feathers, lace, rhinestones, flowers, etc and all in a multitude of colors. Some were way over the top while others were so understated they might as well have not worn one. Additionally, when it came to the rest of the wardrobe there were definitely a few obvious key trends; blush tones, navy, and my favorite color-blocking. Blush tones were seen from head to toe on many of the guests, usually I would say outfits in all nude tones need some color however for an occasion like this it was quite fitting and very appropriate. There was enough detail to each outfit that even in blush tones they made a statement. However, with all the fabulous outfits there is always a few that miss the mark and when I say miss the mark I mean by a lot. No matter how lavish the event is there will always be dos and donts! (Stay tuned for the next blog which will be about dressing for weddings!)





And I know you all are dyeing to know what I though about Kate Middleton’s dress and I would have to say for this occasion it was a perfect fit. I loved the long sleeve lace detail it was elegant and sophisticated but still edgy because of the way the color sat high. This dress screamed Alexander McQueen as soon as she stepped out of that car. The dress may have looked simple from a distance but each detail of that dress was given much thought and it showed. In my eyes I saw it as a modern take on Princess Diana’s dress. The train was a good length and the tiara was outstanding. Most importantly she was a blushing bride because you could see her smile beaming from a distance.