Fall never fails me with all the great trends! I love how everything molds together and you can really mix and match the trends to make it your own! Always remember ladies that not every trend will be for you! That is the key to being styled right! 😉

This lace trend is a great way to make your outfit more feminine and dress it up just with a few touches of lace! Lace up a pair of jeans and knee high leather boots with a great lace top or lace handbag! Alexander McQueen always makes a great lace clutch!

You can also take that evening lace dress and wear it to work by throwing a great fitted blazer over the top! If your daring make it a colored blazer!



Also, adding just a touch of lace may be all your outfit needs to take it up a notch!




Leopard = Classic… Leopard has made a staple in my wardrobe! This fall there are so many options when it comes to adding leopard into your wardrobe. So make it your own and decide how you are going to GO LEOPARD! Shoes, handbag, headband, blouse, leggings, nails etc!



Nails are a really big trend this fall! If you want to be more understated try doing the leopard pattern on your toes!

Try even mixing patterns! Polka dots and leopard are a great combo!


TREND OF THE DAY: Who said women can’t be stylish in loafers!


Every season more and more men’s inspired clothing and accessories are made for women. One of my favorites this season is LOAFERS! They are similar to a flats functionality but give the outfit more edge and visual interest! They are great for just about any occasion. They can take a skinny jean and t- shirt and give it some flare as well as dressing up a great work suit! You can chose from suede, rhinestones, patent leather, leather and an endless color wheel!





TREND OF THE DAY: Bold with burgundy!

Mint was the color if spring but burgundy is the color of fall! Both men and women can enjoy thus color trend. Burgundy is being shown in tops, pants, skirts, jackets and even shoes! My favorite piece of burgundy in my closet is wax burgundy denim, what will yours be?







Earrings extravaganza!!

I have been asked to write about what type of earrings are most appropriate for different outfits. And I believe like anything else there has to be a balance within the outfit this includes accessories. Once you have decided on your outfit then you can decide on what the best earrings would be to compliment it. There are two ways you can go about this. You can revolve your outfit around your earrings or revolve your earrings around the outfit. I will tell you that revolving your outfit around your earrings is more difficult than the other way around. Usually if I am going to revolve my outfit around my accessories I will do that with a fabulous pair of shoes, shoes can always make a statement when done correctly. Earrings more often than not are used to complete the look at the top. When I worked in jewelry I learned very quickly that there must be a balance between the necklace and earrings since they are so close to each other. Its either big earrings with a small necklace or small earrings with a big necklace; too much of anything and it just becomes overwhelming. Keep it simple and classy and you will never go wrong. Its like Chanel said put all your accessories on and before you walk out the door take one thing off. I would have to say that I am definitely more of an earring person than a necklace person but I still have my share of great statement necklaces and usually when I wear these I either wear no earrings or small studs. To balance my accessories out with such a big necklace I will pair it with a great bracelet or ring and the same thing goes for wearing statement earrings. When it comes to earrings you can really change the look of your outfit you can make your outfit dressy or casual or somewhere in between. Because earrings are so close to your face it is something most people will be able to notice right away so take your time when deciding what earrings you will wear with your outfit. And I know many women think that depending on your hair will make the difference in what earrings they should wear with their outfit but I think its more of what you are wearing and not the style of your hair. Short or long, pulled back or down a great stud or chandelier will look fabulous either way; let the earrings compliment your outfit!

Here are a few examples:

  • Sheath work dress: Small studs either diamond or pearls. (pearls are a sign of power so for work in most cases I would wear pearls)
  • Cocktail dress (with bare neck): Chandelier earrings (bigger the better), if the dress is busy go for a simple chandelier if the dress is simple make the earring extravagant!


  • Casual dress: Casual daytime chandelier earring, meaning no diamonds.

    Anna Beck

  • Cocktail dress (with high neck): Studs (big vintage studs are my favorite for this look)
  • Casual dress (t-shirt/jeans): Diamond or fun studs (juicy, alexis bittar, Chanel studs) or thin hoops.

    Alexis Bittar Studs

    Alexis Bittar Studs

  • Frilly top with skirt or slacks: Small chandelier earring or stud. The more busy the outfit is the more basic the earrings should be. (again its all about the balance)
  • #1 rule: if you have no idea what to wear always fall back to diamond studs you can never go wrong! Diamons are a girls best friend! 🙂
Ok, so next time you get ready and you have your outfit on and are deciding what earrings to wear remember balance, balance, balance!! If you have any further questions and or need help finding a great pair of earrings for your outfit email me the picture of your outfit and I will find you the perfect earrings to compliment!