TREND OF THE DAY: Tulle Down For What!

One of my favorite trends this summer that made a great transition from runway to street wear is tulle skirts. If you are on a tight budget for your summer wardrobe I would definitely recommend adding this item to your shopping list must-haves! The best thing about a tulle skirt is that there are so many different ways to style it. You can go from biker chic to tea party classic to a casual picnic look and yes I would even take this trend to the office! 🙂 To create these looks there are all different lengths, thicknesses and colors, what more could you ask for in one skirt?

So… like I said “TULLE down for what! ” *Below are just few examples of how you could style this great trend!

Happy tulle skirt shopping my lovely fashionistas! Until next time stay styled right! xoxo FSR


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Being a new expectant mother brought on new challenges in my wardrobe as I am sure it has yours as well if you have expected or are currently. As a stylist I took this on as a styling challenge since there was no way I was going to head to the maternity department. Staying stylish while my baby bump continues to grow (not to mention my chest as well) is a must. 🙂 Not until about week 13 did I actually notice that my pants were getting tight, from there it spiraled to my dresses not zipping and my favorite pieces going on the shelf until next year. This is when I decided my new wardrobe had to began! And I do not mean buying a whole new wardrobe, I just mean adjusting the way I wear my wardrobe. So you ask what are my secrets? How am I accommodating my growing belly? Well here are my 5 tips and tricks and as I grow even bigger I am sure I will have even more to share!

Tips & Tricks:

1. Get BRA fitting: Ladies if you think you are going to stay the same size while your baby bump is growing you are crazy. Trust me are boobs is one of the first things to start growing and trust me there is nothing worse than in ill fitting bra. Plus, if you want to keep your boobs perky wearing the right size bra is truly important. 🙂 I would recommend just buying one nude and one black. If your boobs grow out of that size then do the same thing and get the next size up that you need. DO NOT buy a bra to large thinking you will grow into it. Be the size you are TODAY! (Also, put all the bras the currently do not fit in your wardrobe into a bag and store in your closet, you do not need to be bothered with those at the moment.) Embrace your new found curves!

Example: When you get the appropriate bra size you boobs look even better! 🙂 I was 4 months pregnant here!


2. Buy for TODAY: I think many make this mistake. Buying to large to either try and hide the baby bump or thinking buy larger so you will grow into it later is exactly what you do not want to do. Instead you should be embracing your beautiful miracle at the stage you are currently at and buying for your current size. Trying to hide it only makes you look larger and over weight instead of pregnant! 🙂

This is what happens when you buy clothes trying to cover your bump! (Not styled right)


This is how stylish you can look when you buy the right size! (Styled right)


3. STRETCHY fabric is your new best friend: When things started to fit tight I went through my wardrobe put all my stretchy items towards the front of my closet. Leggings, skirts and dresses that are stretchy are now my current favorite pieces in my wardrobe. I also then put all my tops that were looser to the front as well. That way I wouldn’t waste time trying things on I knew were to small for the current moment.

5 months pregnant here! Amazing what stretchy skirts can do! Both these items were already currently in my closet.


4. Belly Band: These belly bands were one of my first purchases I made. I knew that I loved all my jeans and buying a bunch of maternity jeans just did not seem appealing. What is great about these belly bands is that they allow for your growing belly all through the pregnancy. They help hold your jeans up and save you a ton of money on buying new jeans. You can find these at target only $16, I bought them in every color!


5. Buy a few pieces through each stage: Of course the inevitable will happen and you will need to buy a few things for your growing belly so make sure as you go shopping that these items are comfortable, not too tight and again are stretchy fabric. That way even if you grow a little you will not have grown out of it so fast. 🙂 Try to intermix these items with things you are still fitting in your current wardrobe.

Only dress I have bought since becoming pregnant! And I love it, not only does it fit my style it shows off my cute baby bump and still room to grow in it!



Until next time stay styled right! xoxo FSR

TREND OF THE DAY: Embellished Collars!

This is definitely one of my favorite trends of the season. You can really make this your own, by deciding on how lavish you want your collar to be! Rhinestones, beads, sequins, feathers, and the list goes on. An embellished collar will give your outfit the extra glam! No need for a necklace just rock the collar! 🙂


Here are a few collars that you can add to any top!


Well summer is coming to an end it does not mean that your outfit can not consist of bright colors, and when I say bright I actually mean neon!! Adding a pop of neon to your outfit is sure to turn heads! Add either a neon bag, piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes or even a garment. Adding a piece or a few pieces of neon to your outfit will give it immediate edge and turn your outfit from drab to fab in moments. Neon’s work from day to night so no matter where you are going color is the way to go! You can even try neon finger nails!

Here are a few examples:

TREND OF THE DAY: Put a ring on it!

By far my favorite accessory to add to any outfit is a cocktail ring. I am always on the hunt for a new one to add to my collection. NO matter how we are feeling ladies a cocktail ring will always fit and add flare to an outfit! A few of my favorite designers that design rings are YSL, Michael Kors, Burberry and Alexis Bittar. Try a cocktail ring with any outfit whether you are headed to the beach, church, to work or on a hot date this accessory will make any outfit chic and be a great talking piece!

TREND OF THE DAY: Chain Strapped Purses!

My new favorite love…is the chain strapped purses. Not only is this style bag chic it is convenient, comfortable and compact! It makes it easy to get around town without the weighing down of a handbag. This style was first introduced by Chanel in 1955! This is a trend that you can buy into and not worry that it wont be in style a year from now! Whether you are wearing a summer dress, suit, cocktail dress or even a pair of shorts and sandals this is the IT bag to carry! Find the one that fits your life style the best! Personally, I love either a bold color or a metallic!


Do you ever look at your outfit and think it is missing something? Or do you look in the mirror and feel you wish you had a smaller waist? Or do you pick a top and say “it looks to boxy”?

Your answer: BELT IT!!!

Belting an outfit is a great way to accentuate the smallest part of your waist and make your body look more porportionate. It can also give your outfit the pop that it is missing. Try adding a bright colored belt to give the outfit contrast!!