TREND OF THE DAY: Brooch it!

To complete a look it must include visual interest! One of the ways to add visual interest is by adding a great accessory! One of my favorite trends this fall is adding a great brooch to your outfit! Normally you would think to place it on your sweater or jacket. However, FSR is about thinking outside the box! So my fashionistas try connecting it to your pearl necklace or attach it to your scarf or even your belt if possible! Make sure you pick a bold brooch not a small understated one. A few of my favorite designers for Brooches are Alexis Bittar, Judith Jack, Cara, and Tasha.








The JEWEL that is always in style!

One accessory you can always count on to be in “fashion” is pearls. The old saying goes “diamonds are a girls bestfriend” however I believe its pearls! What stone do you know that can go with any outfit on any given day, brighten up your face, show the world you are successful and are classy? I mean seriously what piece of jewelry do you know that you can put with your white t-shirt and blue jeans and your most glamurous dress in your wardrobe. I distinctly remember on one of the many episodes of “Sex and the City” Carrie went over to see Miranda one New Years Eve and she rolled out of bed and headed over in her pj’s and pearls! So if you cannot think of what to put with your outfit and it feels like it is missing something just throw on pearls you can never go wrong! If I had to give up all my jewelry and was only given the option to keep one piece in my wardrobe it would be hands down my long strand of pearls. And let me remind you can never be wearing to many pearls. So have fun and pile them on if you wish, let them drap long or wrap them around your neck! Sometimes I will even wrap my long strand around my wrist making a bracelet.

For my 23nd birthday my wonderful, amazing Father gave me a real strand of pearls. I felt like I had officially became a business woman! 🙂 I was always taught by my Mother since I was a child that pearls were a sign of success which makes perfect since when we look back in history. Pearls were worn by many women who made an impact in fashion. Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, Chanel and the list goes on. Additionally, they were worn by many of high status and power, including Princes of India through all their genera­tions, the dynasties of Egypt, the royalties of Persia, the wild chiefs of Arab tribes, the potentates of Greece, Rome and Venice, the houris of Turkey and the Queens of every European court.

Also, unlike some jewelry pearls can be worn fake and they are just as fabulous as the real ones and may even be more fabulous if they are costume. Chanel was seen wearing a long strand of costume pearls first back in 1924, this is when costume jewelry also really took off. Chanel believed costume jewelry was actually better than authentic jewels. And I would have to say I would have to agree (in most cases), its funny I find that I get more compliments on the pieces I spent $5 on than I do on the pieces I spent $100+ on. Go figure!! 🙂

So WHAT are you waiting for…your wardrobe is seriously missing out if pearls are not in your collection!! Real or fake they are fabulous no matter what!!

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” wearing Mikimoto pearls while lounging around the house

Mikimoto Pearls:

  • Kokichi Mikimoto, the founder of Mikimoto pearls, discovered his first cultured pearl on July 11, 1893
  • Kokichi founded the world’s first store specializing pearl jewelry in Tokyo’s Ginza district
  • Kinds of Mikimoto Pearls: Akoya cultured pearl, silver lipped cultured pearl, black lipped cultured pearl, freshwater cultured pearl & semi-spherical cultured pearl, and conch pearl
  • 6 Qualities of a Mikimoto Pearl you should consider before buying: lustre, nacre thickness, surface, color, shape, and size
  • How a Mikimoto pearl is made: Raising oysters, inserting the nucleus, pearl cultivation, and harvesting pearls
  • AAA grade is the highest quality of Mikimoto pearls


My all time favorite strand of pearls. Classic Chanel long strand of pearls!