Can you believe spring is quickly approaching! If you live in Southern California you are definitely getting a feel for the heat today… so with it being 83 degrees out I though no better day then to share some of the SPRING TRENDS for 2014.

NUDE: If you were one of the millions watching the Oscars this trend should be no surprise to you! Nude dresses where a main attraction on the red carpet! Before you go out buying your new nude ensemble make sure you don’t fall into the dont’s of nude!

  • Dont’s: Don’t go for something so revealing that it exposes your butt, boobs and belly button…its ok to leave some to the imagination. 🙂
  • Do’s: Do find a nude that compliments your skin tone and that shows off those lovely curves.


OXFORD: Hopefully you kept your oxford from last season because it is back again! Try mixing it up with a pencil skirt for the office, or tucked into a strapless dress to give it some flare! There really is no wrong way to wear this button down because it goes with everything.


MODERN FLORALS: Feeling flirty? Wear this trend to work, out on a date or even to the beach! Try pairing with a sassy pair of shoes and cool accessories!


BOHO: Loving everything crafty? Are you one to put on all your accessories and add on one more? If so this is totally the trend for you! Pile on all the embellished stuff and rock it! My favorite place to shop for this trend is Free People they are boho year around!


SHEER: Try a sheer hem line or a sheer back! And yes silver accessories are perfectly acceptable with this look!


PASTELS: Consider these colors your new neutrals for spring! Pair back to back or wear them monotone! The soft pinks and blues are my favorite!


Until next time, stay styled right my lovely fashionistas!! xoxo FSR


Seeing spots!

Ever heard the saying “eenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini”? Yes, polka dots are back and a bigger trend then ever before. They are not just being seen on the yellow bikini (LOL) they are on everything from headbands to shoes, purses, shorts, tops etc. This fashion trend first emerged in the early 19th century and made its way back last winter and has now carried itself into spring and summer of 2012! So now the burning questions should be, how do you wear polka dots and if this trend should be left in the past?

Well, to me the polka dot pattern is similar to leopard print. It never really goes out of style, it just takes a back seat to other trends that may be bigger at the moment. I would definitely consider polka dots to be classic and something that is  always great to have in your wardrobe. Now there really is not right or wrong way to wear polka dots it just depends on your personal style and how daring you want to be. Also, depending on your stature and what item you have chosen to have the polka dots will depend on the size of polka dot pattern would be best for you.There are lots of garments with an array of different sizes of polka dots so its important to try them on. After, you have tried a few different pieces on you will be able to see what is the best fit for your body. Usually a good rule of thumb is if you are a larger in size its good to wear a smaller print and vice versa.

For example, if you are smaller and really don’t have shape a good way to wear this print would be a high wasted bold printed skirt! Of course to make your outfit pop I would suggest pairing this skirt with a bright red patent leather belt, possibly a blazer and a sparkly pair of flats! (that is just one of the many ways you could style this skirt but definitely not limited to those particular items.)Another, great garment in polka dot pattern is a sheer blouse. Now this is great not only tucked in a pencil skirt or high wasted slacks for work but can be a great piece to wear into the evening! If you want to style this top to go out in try pairing with a great pair of jeans and peep toe heels and if you are really daring try a pair of leather hot shorts!

One of my favorite ways to wear this trend is to pair it with a bright solid color (especially orange since this is one of the biggest colors this summer). Below is a good example of how two trends can come together nicely. (However, I would steer away from the earrings and shoes chosen here and pair this outfit with a great black bootie and small stud earrings).

If you really want to try this trend but you are just not bold enough you can try something a little more suttle and wear a pair of great polka dot patterned flats or even heels paired with skinny jeans and a t-shirt. Oh and top it off with a bright colored bag. Ladies, it does not get much easier than that! Another trend that is mixed in with this great patterned pant is the sheerness of the pant. If you live in hot climate and have to dress business attire to work these pants would be a great edition to your wardrobe. Just pair these with a white blouse and blazer and nude heels and you are ready to take on the world in polka dots! 🙂  Okay ladies, so there you have it just a few great ways to wear polka dots this summer… Don’t be afraid wear the dots I guarantee you will get compliments!