Stylish at any size!

Have you ever thought it would be so much easier to just be a man? I have when it comes to SHOPPING I would much rather shop for my boyfriend than myself. Anything from H&M to Gucci looks good on him and for the most part no tailoring needed. And even the H&M merchandise looks expensive for what it is, he is able to easily find his size with such ease. All it really takes for a man to look put together on a casual day is a nice pair of jeans, crisp t-shirt and a nice fitted blazer accompanied by loafers, sneaks etc. The average American man is a size 44 jacket and weighs around 189 pounds so for most it is easy to shop at retail stores and have the ability to wear any brand.

However, the fashion world for women is the exact opposite. Designers seem to think that all American women are between the sizes of 0 and 10, however this is obviously a big misconception which you can tell just by stepping foot into a mall. The average American woman is a size 14 weighing about 162 pounds. Now even though I am no size 14, having broad shoulders and a tiny waist makes it no easier for me to shop. I have tried over and over again to wear Smythe blazers (carried in my department via C) but no such luck, my shoulders are just to broad and they already run small as it is. I work with many women ranging from all sizes and my job is to make them look their best no matter what size they are. I keep the motto that “size is just a number” its how it looks is important. Half the time I will not even ask a woman what her size is because not only do most brands fit differently it really depends on the cut of each individual piece. And a lot of women will say what size they want to be and not what they really are. For many women they look at magazines and aspire to be that model on the cover, however even the model isn’t that size. Society unfortunately has put a taboo on being anything larger than a size 10 and is due in part to designers not designing for them. This only creates more “fashion crimes” seen daily by millions of woman (ahhhhhh). Unfortunately, this happens because so many brands do not accommodate the average American woman, most are forced to wear the not so cute designs or trying to squeeze into the shirt that does not come in their size. Hence, is why we continue to see women that yearn to be in fashion or stylish feeling they must where the latest designs, even if it means squeezing into a garment that truly does not fit, they try the “make it work” (what we always hear on project runway), however in this case it is better to not try to “make it work”. Wearing something that is too tight makes a person actually look bigger than they really are just the same as wearing something way to large by trying to cover up. The best way to look your slimmest is to wear the CORRECT size. Most designers are under the impression that extra small through medium is the only size that should be seen wearing their designs. But all hope is not lost there are a few designers that have thrown that idea out the window and are catering to women from a size 00 to 16. This list includes what I consider to be the best designers and brands when it comes to still wanting to be stylish at a larger (or rather average) size! 🙂

Couture Designers: Valentino, Armani, Michael Kors, Carmen Marc Valvo, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karen (runs big), Burberry

Other Labels: Diane Von Frustenburg, Ellie Tahari, Tadashi, Juicy Couture, DKNYC, Eileen Fisher, AK Ann Klein, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Jones New York, Karen Kane

So… if you were that woman feeling down on herself or wishing to be a size 2 so you could wear that rocking dress or those amazing jeans, you can worry no more!! If you shop the brands I have listed above you will be sure to not only feel stylish but look it as well. There is nothing worse than trying to wear a designer label to only have it be ill fitting. You are the average American woman size do not be ashamed be PROUD, be BEAUTIFUL, be STYLISH!!