Can you believe spring is quickly approaching! If you live in Southern California you are definitely getting a feel for the heat today… so with it being 83 degrees out I though no better day then to share some of the SPRING TRENDS for 2014.

NUDE: If you were one of the millions watching the Oscars this trend should be no surprise to you! Nude dresses where a main attraction on the red carpet! Before you go out buying your new nude ensemble make sure you don’t fall into the dont’s of nude!

  • Dont’s: Don’t go for something so revealing that it exposes your butt, boobs and belly button…its ok to leave some to the imagination. 🙂
  • Do’s: Do find a nude that compliments your skin tone and that shows off those lovely curves.


OXFORD: Hopefully you kept your oxford from last season because it is back again! Try mixing it up with a pencil skirt for the office, or tucked into a strapless dress to give it some flare! There really is no wrong way to wear this button down because it goes with everything.


MODERN FLORALS: Feeling flirty? Wear this trend to work, out on a date or even to the beach! Try pairing with a sassy pair of shoes and cool accessories!


BOHO: Loving everything crafty? Are you one to put on all your accessories and add on one more? If so this is totally the trend for you! Pile on all the embellished stuff and rock it! My favorite place to shop for this trend is Free People they are boho year around!


SHEER: Try a sheer hem line or a sheer back! And yes silver accessories are perfectly acceptable with this look!


PASTELS: Consider these colors your new neutrals for spring! Pair back to back or wear them monotone! The soft pinks and blues are my favorite!


Until next time, stay styled right my lovely fashionistas!! xoxo FSR



Do you wake up in the morning and dread going into your closet? Do you wear the same suit 2-3 days a week and feel totally stuck in a rut? Are you unsure what to wear at work for the spring season?

Well if this is you worry no more I have all the answers you have been wondering! I know it is easy to get stuck in a rut with work clothes, you have your same “go to” to outfits because you just do not know what to wear or how to rework your existing work wardrobe. Thus, it becomes routine to wear a pair of black slacks or skirt and pair it with a blouse and maybe even a jacket. Or maybe you are a lawyer and when it comes to work clothes you most likely go to that simple black suit only changing the under pinning and maybe the shoes. Now I know being a woman, we all love to express ourselves and I really have not met many women who do not love clothes and obviously want to have variety in their wardrobe.  Where many women go wrong is thinking that with a suit there are not many options, however it is just the opposite! There are endless options when it comes to professional work attire and this does include having to wear a suit to work each day. It all comes down to the accessories (shoes, bag, jewelry). Additionally, since it is spring push your black to the back and move your gray, navy, tan colors to the front! These colors are great substitutes to the traditional black suit and this season has definitely been the season for recreating the traditional suit. many designers have made fabulous Spring work attire that will not only care you through this season but many seasons to come. Save your black blazers for a night out with your skinny jeans, that way your still getting use out of your black suiting pieces but in a more edgy way!

I really love the way gray suits look in the spring. They still look very professional and polished yet they look fresh and fabulous with bright colors underneath. And I am sure you have noticed that one of the many popular colors of this season is coral which looks great under gray. I also really LOVE navy! The great thing about navy is that it is so versatile. It really pulls out whatever color you have chosen to pair it with. It is a great alternative to black, it is just less harsh then black, especially when putting bright colors underneath, it softens the edge. Also, to give your work wardrobe a pop, pair these suits with neutral accessories and most importantly have fun with the jewelry. I know there may be restrictions on attire but I have never heard of there being a restriction on the type of jewelry you can wear! Jewelry like i have discussed before can change the whole look of your outfit.

If you are not confined to wearing a suit to work each day really try to think outside the box. Pair a great pencil skirt with a tweed jacket or an embellished sweater. Where a high wasted pant with a crop jacket, you can still mix in your favorite black pieces just be sure to pop some color! When it comes mix and matching just stay in the same color palette and if you want to be daring go ahead and through a unexpected color in the mix! I dare you!!! 🙂 Below are a few ideas of how to mix and match for this season.

Great brands for spring work wear:

  • Theory (FAVORITE for basics)
  • Theyskens Theory (more edgy great to go from day to night)
  • Ellie Tahari
  • DVF
  • Michael Kors
  • Jason Wu
  • Dolce & Gabana
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim
  • Kate Spade (FAVORITE for color)
  • Trina Turk
  • Rachel Roy

Happy spring shopping!!

Crazy for Maxi!

It is the season of maxi dresses and oh how I love them so! Maxi dresses have been in fashion for a while however it has become bigger this season than any other and there are endless options with all different prints, lengths and styles. They are an affordable option (well most) that provides you with some amazingly stylish flexibility. Being able to wear your maxi dress for many occasions is a great cost per wear. They are the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding, baby shower, ladies luncheon, casual dinner on the beach, day out with the girls; really the list is endless. It is also a great option to take with you when going on vacation to a warm climate; easy to pack and again could be worn to a nice dinner or a walk on the beach.


You can style your maxi dress to make it appropriate for all these occasions. Its just like I discussed earlier this week the power of statement jewelry can change the look of your maxi dress. You can also change the look of your dress by changing other accessories such as your shoes, adding a belt or a sweater over the top. However, beware that you do not wear a shoe that is too heavy if your dress is slinky, that is the kiss of death. Also, make sure that even though these are flowy dresses that it gives you some kind of shape especially if you are of shorter stature. They can become unflattering if you do not style them the correct way. So make sure to belt it, if it has no upper shape and shorten it if it is too long, you do not want it to be dragging on the ground it should be a little bit above dusting the ground. Also if you are of shorter stature shorten it to mid-caf.


Beware since this dress is a trend and it is “in fashion” that you do not invest in too many. I would say two is suffice, one unique printed one and one basic one is all your wardrobe should call for.


One of my favorite ways to wear a maxi dress is throwing a slouchy thick or thin sweater over the top. It gives it a casual, comfortable and unique look. Also, if you do chose to wear a thicker sweater you can then wear a thicker shoe without it being too much.

3.1 Phillip Lim (favorite of the season)


T by Alexander Wang (great basic)


Great way to style a maxi dress!