TREND OF THE DAY: Tulle Down For What!

One of my favorite trends this summer that made a great transition from runway to street wear is tulle skirts. If you are on a tight budget for your summer wardrobe I would definitely recommend adding this item to your shopping list must-haves! The best thing about a tulle skirt is that there are so many different ways to style it. You can go from biker chic to tea party classic to a casual picnic look and yes I would even take this trend to the office! 🙂 To create these looks there are all different lengths, thicknesses and colors, what more could you ask for in one skirt?

So… like I said “TULLE down for what! ” *Below are just few examples of how you could style this great trend!

Happy tulle skirt shopping my lovely fashionistas! Until next time stay styled right! xoxo FSR


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The biggest trend to accessorize with this summer is not belts, rings, necklaces or even watches its sunglasses! Depending on your face shape will depend on what sunglasses you will want to buy. Some people can carry off more styles then others it all just depends on what you like and how bold you would like to be! Many love the Jackie O glasses, which have always been in style. However, right now the sunglass trend is Wayfarers worn by both men and women. So check them out and see if they work for you! My favorite brands are Chanel, Ray Ban and Gucci! 🙂


Take any outfit and make it glamorous by adding a touch of metallic! Metallic can be worn day or night and dressed up or down so have fun with this trend and try a few different looks! Try a metallic skirt, shorts, clutch or even a wedge heel! 


Well summer is coming to an end it does not mean that your outfit can not consist of bright colors, and when I say bright I actually mean neon!! Adding a pop of neon to your outfit is sure to turn heads! Add either a neon bag, piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes or even a garment. Adding a piece or a few pieces of neon to your outfit will give it immediate edge and turn your outfit from drab to fab in moments. Neon’s work from day to night so no matter where you are going color is the way to go! You can even try neon finger nails!

Here are a few examples:

TREND OF THE DAY: Put a ring on it!

By far my favorite accessory to add to any outfit is a cocktail ring. I am always on the hunt for a new one to add to my collection. NO matter how we are feeling ladies a cocktail ring will always fit and add flare to an outfit! A few of my favorite designers that design rings are YSL, Michael Kors, Burberry and Alexis Bittar. Try a cocktail ring with any outfit whether you are headed to the beach, church, to work or on a hot date this accessory will make any outfit chic and be a great talking piece!

TREND OF THE DAY: Chain Strapped Purses!

My new favorite love…is the chain strapped purses. Not only is this style bag chic it is convenient, comfortable and compact! It makes it easy to get around town without the weighing down of a handbag. This style was first introduced by Chanel in 1955! This is a trend that you can buy into and not worry that it wont be in style a year from now! Whether you are wearing a summer dress, suit, cocktail dress or even a pair of shorts and sandals this is the IT bag to carry! Find the one that fits your life style the best! Personally, I love either a bold color or a metallic!


Do you ever look at your outfit and think it is missing something? Or do you look in the mirror and feel you wish you had a smaller waist? Or do you pick a top and say “it looks to boxy”?

Your answer: BELT IT!!!

Belting an outfit is a great way to accentuate the smallest part of your waist and make your body look more porportionate. It can also give your outfit the pop that it is missing. Try adding a bright colored belt to give the outfit contrast!!