How to dress for YOUR body…


With hot weather brings out some interesting outfits to say the least and with this heat wave the outfits have become more unbearable than the actual heat. I have seen this first hand more than ever living in California. And I have heard my friends say time and time again “what is she wearing” and this is usually referring to someone wearing a garment that is not suiting to their body type. So I figured this was a good time to give some guidelines as well as tips and tricks on how to dress for YOUR body type!


1. Understand your body: If you are a size 12 stop trying to be a size 6. Wearing garments that actually fit your body properly will make you look smaller. For example, if you know you have a large chest don’t squeeze into that dress that smothers them find something that compliments them.

2. Know your best body assets: This is my favorite trick when it comes to dressing different bodies! Did you ever notice in Destinys Child that each girl wore a different garment and it always showed off their best assets.


For example, have you ever noticed Beyonce wears mostly outfits that show off her legs to the max? Well that is done on purpose to give her butt the perfect look and show her other great asset her legs! Knowing your best asset(s) allows you to hunt for pieces that show off that asset.


So to figure this out stand naked in a full length mirror and look to see what looks good naked…

  • Arms: Wear a tank top or short sleeve garments and stop covering up those nice arms!!
  • Butt: Find dresses or jeans that make that butt look plump not flat. And just because you have a nice butt does not mean wear short shorts to literally show it off. Show it off with the right garment over the top.
  • Chest: If appropriate where those plunging necklines and be more conservative below.
  • Legs: Go conservative up top and show off those legs with a great pair of heels
  • Back: Go for those backless dresses and open back tops.
  • Stomach: Wear those cute mid drift tips that are such a big trend right now!

3. Know your troubled areas: Just like you stood in the mirror to find your best assets do the same to find your troubled areas. Knowing these areas will help to find garments that will disguise these. For example, your trouble area is your thighs. Even though it is hot resist the urge to buy those short shorts and purchase a pair of capris or a flowy long skirt and disguise the thighs. Wear a more light weight shirt since you will be wearing a long covered garment below.
4. Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it: Not every garment is meant for you just because it comes in your size. This goes back to knowing your body and finding the best garments that show it off appropriately.
5. Being able to zip up that garment does not mean it looks good on you and fits you properly: Sometimes it’s not even the women squeezing into the dress that is too tight making their chest spill over… it can also be the skinny girl who puts on the jeans that are so tight she literally has a pancake butt.

6. Undergarments are the key: It is so important to wear the appropriate undergarments with your ensemble. I can not stress this enough that a well fitting bra and the correct underwear will make your garments fit ten times better. That means no panty lines and no rolls seen through shirts. Panty lines can be avoided with the famous “seamless panties”! And no rolls can be created by using tummy controlling garments. You would be surprised how many celebrities that have great bodies wear spanks and other body controlling garments!

7. Less is more: I’m sure many of you have heard this before! Many women have the misconstrued conception that showing off more skin makes them more sexy. But in fact it has been proven that men like a little left to the imagination.

Ok ladies… you now have all the tips and guidelines to successfully dress for your body. So remember your best assets and troubled areas and dress accordingly! I guarantee you will get more compliments than ever before and may even meet Mr. Right instead of always Mr. Wrong!!

Until next time my fashionistas! Stay styled right! xoxo FSR



Fall never fails me with all the great trends! I love how everything molds together and you can really mix and match the trends to make it your own! Always remember ladies that not every trend will be for you! That is the key to being styled right! 😉

This lace trend is a great way to make your outfit more feminine and dress it up just with a few touches of lace! Lace up a pair of jeans and knee high leather boots with a great lace top or lace handbag! Alexander McQueen always makes a great lace clutch!

You can also take that evening lace dress and wear it to work by throwing a great fitted blazer over the top! If your daring make it a colored blazer!



Also, adding just a touch of lace may be all your outfit needs to take it up a notch!


TREND OF THE DAY: Throwback Jackets!

Whether you are going into the office, to the Hamptons, going on a date or even just hanging with your boys a Throwback jacket is the perfect “throw” on! Style it with a pair of jeans or slacks, with leather high tops or loafers! What I love about these jackets that there are endless options when it comes to making it your own! Also, don’t be afraid to throw this patterned jacket over a patterned shirt!

Go wild, go crazy, go patterned!!! xoxo FSR








TREND OF THE DAY: Brooch it!

To complete a look it must include visual interest! One of the ways to add visual interest is by adding a great accessory! One of my favorite trends this fall is adding a great brooch to your outfit! Normally you would think to place it on your sweater or jacket. However, FSR is about thinking outside the box! So my fashionistas try connecting it to your pearl necklace or attach it to your scarf or even your belt if possible! Make sure you pick a bold brooch not a small understated one. A few of my favorite designers for Brooches are Alexis Bittar, Judith Jack, Cara, and Tasha.







TREND OF THE DAY: Chain Strapped Purses!

My new favorite love…is the chain strapped purses. Not only is this style bag chic it is convenient, comfortable and compact! It makes it easy to get around town without the weighing down of a handbag. This style was first introduced by Chanel in 1955! This is a trend that you can buy into and not worry that it wont be in style a year from now! Whether you are wearing a summer dress, suit, cocktail dress or even a pair of shorts and sandals this is the IT bag to carry! Find the one that fits your life style the best! Personally, I love either a bold color or a metallic!


Do you ever look at your outfit and think it is missing something? Or do you look in the mirror and feel you wish you had a smaller waist? Or do you pick a top and say “it looks to boxy”?

Your answer: BELT IT!!!

Belting an outfit is a great way to accentuate the smallest part of your waist and make your body look more porportionate. It can also give your outfit the pop that it is missing. Try adding a bright colored belt to give the outfit contrast!!


Whether you are going to the office, a shopping day out with your girlfriends or even on a casual date! Flats are the way to go to be chic and comfortable. Our favorite is Vera Wang Flats they have a elevated sole giving you a comfortable feel all day and they look fabulous as well!!

Here are a few of our favorites: