Fall never fails me with all the great trends! I love how everything molds together and you can really mix and match the trends to make it your own! Always remember ladies that not every trend will be for you! That is the key to being styled right! 😉

This lace trend is a great way to make your outfit more feminine and dress it up just with a few touches of lace! Lace up a pair of jeans and knee high leather boots with a great lace top or lace handbag! Alexander McQueen always makes a great lace clutch!

You can also take that evening lace dress and wear it to work by throwing a great fitted blazer over the top! If your daring make it a colored blazer!



Also, adding just a touch of lace may be all your outfit needs to take it up a notch!



Cognac, favorite color of the season!!

Ok, can I just say how much I love this color. Cognac, to me is the new best nude color for this spring season. I have always loved green, makeup and true nude as the best blank canvases to go with any outfit but Cognac has all these colors beat! It truly gives an outfit a different element. Its almost as if the color clashes with the outfit however it works effortlessly perfect. There are many different ways to mix this cognac color in your wardrobe; such as a cognac leather jacket, a cognac pair of pants, cognac jewelry, cognac handbag… My favorite is cognac shoes particularly a high heel sandal or flat. Wearing the color this way in your outfit really gives it a unique look. It can turn a evening dress into a day dress just by changing the heels! Going from black to cognac will give it a understated yet fun and playful look. You of course must than accessorize appropriately. 🙂


My favorite Cognac heels, I am so obsessed with these Miu Miu’s!!!



I also love these YSL’s!

Try Cognac in your wardrobe you will love it!!