Stylish Post Pregnancy

I thought what better to write about than how to dress post pregnancy since this is my current wardrobe as well. I know after you have a child its almost worse than when you were pregnant because you bust out all your old clothes thinking you will fit right back into it and or you are nursing and some tops are just not conducive for that (I know I did lol). Unfortunately, for most it will take some time due to your uterus has to contract back down and well if your breast feeding you can forget most of your tight tops because they wont fit. Of course, you try to put on the pregnancy clothes but now they are baggy and unflattering and really who wants to wear those after, I know I was excited to box those up until next time. So talk about frustrating… maternity clothes are too big and your pre-pregnancy wardrobe is too small, so now your scratching your head questioning what to wear for the in-between time? Well ladies I have the answers below so get ready to become the fashionable new and improved you!

First of all, the best thing you can do is embrace your new and what I like to call improved body. There is something sexy about a woman’s body that has transitioned into motherhood. I know many men will agree with me on this. ūüôā ¬†The next thing is to get the correct undergarments so that the clothes fit properly. I can never stress enough how important the undergarments are when it comes to dressing everyday especially now. It can really make or a break an outfit. With that said a few key items you need are as follows:

Belly Bandit: This will be your best friend for the first few months it will not only help your body slim back down permanently, it will give you a slimmer trim immediately and just make you feel more confident. YOu may need to start with a larger size and then work your way down it will just depend on what fits. b4nafter belly-bandit-limited-edition-b

Hip Slimmer: For some of you ladies I know you are concerned about your hips that have widened! Well, worry no more they now make hip slimming compression corsets, who ever would have thought!


New bras: I am sure you are a pro by now visiting your favorite lingerie store, given that you probably shopped every few months for your ever growing breasts. There is nothing worse than wearing a bra that is too tight. So get get measured and be proud of your new size. Oh and look for bras with no wire, t-shirt bras are great! vsbra

Ok now that you have the undergarments its time to shop in your closet and see what will work and what you will need to shop for…. I also would advise to take anything out of your closet that does not currently fit and put it in a different closet or to the back of yours if you do not have an extra one. This way you wont get frustrated with the clothes that do not fit and it will take less time to dress each morning, you will only be flipping through clothes that look great on you!

Stretchy Fabric: Nothing is better than stretchy fabric when your in between different sizes. Search your closet for stretchy skirts, leggings, dresses and tops. These will be your base to create your new wardrobe around. Stretchy leggings are especially great for those mamas who have had c-sections.

Loose blouses: These are another great top to look for in your closet. Most likely they will still fit with your new chest size and will conceal any extra in your tummy.

Ok now that you have shopped your own closet its time to get a few things to complete your new look. One of my favorites for this summer is the ever classic maxi dresses. Not only are they figure flattering they are light weight for those hot summer days. Another few great stables are open sweaters and blazers. They can be thrown over your stretchy tops and loose blouses.

Last but not least accessories. Who said you can’t accessorize with a newborn. Yes I agree put away your nice necklaces, earrings and handbags away. Save those for a special occasion.

Teething Jewelry:¬†If you haven’t heard the new craze is teething jewelry and the best part about them is they don’t even look like teething jewelry. They have so many options in styles and colors I am sure you will find something you like.¬†sterlingsilver teething-jewelry-e1380699450860 teethingnecklace teethingnecklace2

Diaper Bags: Forget carrying a purse and just invest in a nice durable diaper bag, something you can wear for a few years that is versatile. A few of my favorite brands are Juicy, Kate Spade, Ju-Ju-Be, Gucci, Burberry and Marc Jacobs.  This would be one of the items you could splurge on since its going to be something you wear daily. Make sure you wear the bag and the bag does not wear you.

Burberry-Metallic-Leather-Diaper-Bag Diaper Bag 1 Gucci-Diaper-Bag juicy jujube



Clean out your closet of all tops and dresses that are not conducive for breast feeding that way you don’t get frustrated wanting to wear tops that you currently can not. Either put them in a different closet or in the back of your current closet.

Nursing Bra: These are an essential if you are nursing. And I will tell you that wired nursing bras are the devil. Who needs a wire bra anyways your breasts are most likely bigger than you are use to or maybe finally the size you always wanted and no reason to enhance them anymore. I found that comfortability is the key to motherhood. So look for cotton bras and I am right there with you if you want to feel cute and sexy, those are definitely available in cotton. They even have workout nursing sports bra for those mamas trying to get back in shape! Target, H&M and Macy’s have great selections at very reasonable prices.¬†1.0x0 a5bdab7774ef216f__8036523 la-leche-league-wrap-n-snap-nursing-bra-leopard leading-lady-cotton-nursing-bra-393x524


Nursing tops: Because comfortability is the key nursing tops are my absolute favorite. You can feel supported without having a million layers on and really easy to nurse when you are running about the town. These can be found at Macys, Target and H&M to name a few.

hmnursingtop nursingtops hmprodlilac-karen-crossover-maternity-and-nursing-top-2nursingtopsruffle

Button/zip downs: Best tops and really the only tops you can wear while nursing. So dig through your closet for those you currently have and if needed go out and buy a few more. Great places to shop for these are Express, Banana Republic and Macys. 

Nursing scarf: So if you are like me you dreaded nursing covers because truly they are way out to date and look like your are getting ready to cook something in the kitchen. Well don’t stress ladies because I found a great alternative they are called nursing scarfs. What I love about them is you can wear them so many different ways and they are very stylish and can be worn all day with your outfit if you want. These can be found at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and Etsy.

ns scarf2

So who said you couldn’t be fashionable while nursing or getting your pre-pregnancy body back, NOT I! Ok my fashionista mamas…until next time stay styled right. xoxo FSR



How to dress for YOUR body…


With hot weather brings out some interesting outfits to say the least and with this heat wave the outfits have become more unbearable than the actual heat. I have seen this first hand more than ever living in California. And I have heard my friends say time and time again “what is she wearing” and this is usually referring to someone wearing a garment that is not suiting to their body type. So I figured this was a good time to give some guidelines as well as tips and tricks on how to dress for YOUR body type!


1. Understand your body: If you are a size 12 stop trying to be a size 6. Wearing garments that actually fit your body properly will make you look smaller. For example, if you know you have a large chest don’t squeeze into that dress that smothers them find something that compliments them.

2. Know your best body assets: This is my favorite trick when it comes to dressing different bodies! Did you ever notice in Destinys Child that each girl wore a different garment and it always showed off their best assets.


For example, have you ever noticed Beyonce wears mostly outfits that show off her legs to the max? Well that is done on purpose to give her butt the perfect look and show her other great asset her legs! Knowing your best asset(s) allows you to hunt for pieces that show off that asset.


So to figure this out stand naked in a full length mirror and look to see what looks good naked…

  • Arms: Wear a tank top or short sleeve garments and stop covering up those nice arms!!
  • Butt: Find dresses or jeans that make that butt look plump not flat. And just because you have a nice butt does not mean wear short shorts to literally show it off. Show it off with the right garment over the top.
  • Chest: If appropriate where those plunging necklines and be more conservative below.
  • Legs: Go conservative up top and show off those legs with a great pair of heels
  • Back: Go for those backless dresses and open back tops.
  • Stomach: Wear those cute mid drift tips that are such a big trend right now!

3. Know your troubled areas: Just like you stood in the mirror to find your best assets do the same to find your troubled areas. Knowing these areas will help to find garments that will disguise these. For example, your trouble area is your thighs. Even though it is hot resist the urge to buy those short shorts and purchase a pair of capris or a flowy long skirt and disguise the thighs. Wear a more light weight shirt since you will be wearing a long covered garment below.
4. Just because they make it in your size does not mean you should buy it: Not every garment is meant for you just because it comes in your size. This goes back to knowing your body and finding the best garments that show it off appropriately.
5. Being able to zip up that garment does not mean it looks good on you and fits you properly: Sometimes it’s not even the women squeezing into the dress that is too tight making their chest spill over… it can also be the skinny girl who puts on the jeans that are so tight she literally has a pancake butt.

6. Undergarments are the key: It is so important to wear the appropriate undergarments with your ensemble. I can not stress this enough that a well fitting bra and the correct underwear will make your garments fit ten times better. That means no panty lines and no rolls seen through shirts. Panty lines can be avoided with the famous “seamless panties”! And no rolls can be created by using tummy controlling garments. You would be surprised how many celebrities that have great bodies wear spanks and other body controlling garments!

7. Less is more: I’m sure many of you have heard this before! Many women have the misconstrued conception that showing off more skin makes them more sexy. But in fact it has been proven that men like a little left to the imagination.

Ok ladies… you now have all the tips and guidelines to successfully dress for your body. So remember your best assets and troubled areas and dress accordingly! I guarantee you will get more compliments than ever before and may even meet Mr. Right instead of always Mr. Wrong!!

Until next time my fashionistas! Stay styled right! xoxo FSR

How to DRESS without STRESS…

I am sure at one point or another you have been running late for work and flipping through a ton of outfits feeling nothing looks good so then you always go back to the few pieces you always wear. And I am sure you have been asked out on a date and the first thing that runs through your mind is “what am I going to wear”. It was only last weekend that I was getting ready for a birthday dinner that I began to have the same issue. Yes even personal stylists can have fashion¬†crisis’s! lol¬†(It was then that I realized I was due for another closet clean out). ¬†So now the question is how to avoid getting dressed under stress. Being stressed for time and trying to figure out what to wear is the worst. You are¬†frantically¬†trying to put something together but nothing is working so you end up with some¬†mediocre¬†outfit and of course during the day you probably run into your ex or are asked to give a presentation at work at even better asked out on a last minute lunch date. And now all you can think about is how you wish you had¬†something¬†else on. Well lucky for you I have some helpful steps so you too can learn to get dressed without stress!!

STEP 1: Get rid of the dead weight…

  • Make 3 piles: Give away, fix and find a match.
  • I know many of us do not like to let certain items of clothing go thinking to ourselves “one day I will wear that” or “I do not know what to wear with it but I love it”. First of all we all know the items we say “we will wear one day” never get worn so in that case put that in the give away pile.
  • If you just can’t seem to part with a few of the pieces you think you “will wear one day” start doing what I like to call the “REVERSE HANG”. What that means is every time you wear something and put it back in your closet hang it facing the opposite way. Then every six months look at all the items still facing the normal way and those are the items you really need to put in the give away pile.
  • Look at your “find a match” pile and create a list of items you need in order to complete those pieces to make an outfit.
  • Now that you have completed this step you should already feel a lot lighter. ūüôā

STEP 2: Go shopping…

  • Pick out only the pieces that you put on your list. This is all you need for now.
  • I also have a package for this type of shopping if you are in need of some help. ūüôā

STEP 3: Pick out your outfit the night before…

  • Do you ever remember doing this as a child the night before the first day of school? I definitely remember how excited I was to wear that outfit the next day and how all I had to do was get ready and put it on. There was no changing 5 or more times and staring at my closet. Thus, this is exactly what you should be doing every night before going to bed… trust me it works!!!
  • If you have 2 places to go that day, say work and a girls night out well then lay both outfits out. This will save you so much time in the long run and really help you avoid getting dressed under stress.

Ok, see that wasn’t so hard. Three steps and your now getting dressed with ease! Until next time stay styled right my fabulous fashionistas!! xoxo FSR

Chilly night’s call for OVERSIZED Sweaters!

You know Fall is in full effect when Southern California starts to have chilly nights! I was quite surprised to wake up to rain falling this morning as well. Thus, I decided the perfect trend for today was oversized sweaters! There is nothing better than being comfy on a gloomy cold day!


How to style this trend: Try pairing an oversized sweater with leggings and boots and if your feeling edgy try it with a fitted mini dress, textured tights and knee high boots!


Also, don’t be afraid to wear this trend to work; just add a belt around the waist put on a pencil skirt and ankle booties with tights and you are ready for the office!



Finding the best oversized sweater for your body:

1. If you have curves tuck part of the sweater into your jeans or try an asymmetric style.

2. If you bigger below bring the focus up with color and cut. A sweater that is longer in back will elongate your legs. Also, try pairing it over a long flowy skirt.

3. If you are thin try a chunky sweater. Shine will add curves above!



Until next time stay styled right! xoxo FSR

Fall into Equestrian Style!

Are you ready for fall? Have you started to add great pieces to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall?

Well, whether you have or have not fear not FSR is here to help you ease into fall with just a few great ideas! After working in retail for many years I have noticed many people have the misconception that they must buy a whole new wardrobe for each season. And that may be great for some who have an endless supply of money. However, for those who may be on a budget a few pieces are all you need. It is truly unnecessary to start over each season with a new wardrobe. Me being from Seattle an transitioning into Southern California I had to learn how to combine to totally different wardrobes. Now going into my third Winter in California I have learned that with just a few great pieces and adding a few additional trend pieces my wardrobe is ready for Fall.

This Fall is particularly trending with an Equestrian Style. So a few pieces that would be great to update your style for Fall as well as adding a touch of Equestrian Style are as follows…

#1. Essential must have for Fall is a great pair of boots! And why not try an equestrian inspired pair! I am especially loving the black and brown combo!



#2. Equestrian inspired belt! Belts are always a great way to define your waist. And also a great way to accessorize a chunky sweater!



#3. Burgundy jeans! Not only can you style them with your equestrian style boots they are the current color trend for fall as well.


#4. Equestrian inspired jewelry!



#5. Tweed blazer! Style over a sheath dress to go to work or a pair of jeans and boots to go on a date! This is definitely an essential piece that can be worn year around as well. This is a piece I would suggest splurging on!


Here is an example how you can style your tweed jacket on warm days! My motto is versatility, versatility, versatility!


#6. Colored tights! Take many of your summer dresses and skirts and transition them into fall with just the simple add on of a colored pair of tights!




#7. A piece of leather! Somewhere in your wardrobe you should have a great piece of leather whether it is a top, jacket, vest or even pants! This Fall is showing leather to also just be an accent on a garment! Let this be where you show your personal style! Here are just a few examples…



#8. Wool Hats! These are also great for Summer and Fall!



Ok, now that you know the must have pieces to transition your style from Summer to Fall its time to go shopping! Make your appointment today for your free consultation! Email >

Until next time stay stylish and fabulous! Xoxo FSR

CALLING ALL MEN…Let’s shop for denim!

It used to be that when it came to men’s denim there wasn’t many options and once they found a brand that worked those were the ones they stuck to for life. For most men that was great, less option less hassle. However, that is not the case today, in fact it is the total opposite. Men have almost as many options as women do when it comes to cut and wash. That is why I have come to the rescue to give all you men the inside scope when it comes to shopping for denim. I know many of you still love classic Levi’s, which is great but there are definitely more options today, so why just stick to one style and brand? Depending on the outfit you will want to chose the best denim style that should be worn with that look.

Now before even deciding what jeans you will purchase here are a few good pointers:

  1. Determine your size. Men’s denim sizing is Waist-Inseam (example 32-34).
    1. Measure your waist and inseam. (We are in 2012 sagging is out!!! Even Lil Wayne has changed his ways!)
      1. To measure the waist, decide where you want the waistband of the jeans to sit and measure that area. Men that have a slight beer belly may want their jeans to sit under the belly.
      2. The inseam measurement is the measurement from the crotch to the bottom of the jeans.
  2. Determine your build. Are you slim, average, athletic and husky?
    1. Slim = thin builds
    2. Average = regular cut, no qualifiers
    3. Athletic = trim and muscular
    4. Husky = thick build
  3. Determine comfort preference. What do you prefer when it comes to the cut in the seat and thigh?

    1. “Full-cut”
    2. “Relaxed fit”
    3. “Loose fit”
  4. Try before you buy.I know men have a tendency to buy items before even trying them on but it is truly important with denim to try them on. Not only should you try them on you should walk around in them and sit in them.
    1. Denim should actually fit.
    2. If they stretch out as you are wearing them around go down a size in the waist.

So now that you have figured out your size and you know not to just buy them, now I can give you a breakdown of different styles and washes that would be best depending on your size, stature and style.

Skinny Jeans: This style denim is seen a lot on rock-stars and boho styled men. You must be of a very slim build to carry these off. Some men I have seen even pull off the colored skinny’s. Just beware if you are going to carry off this look make sure they are well fitted as you will stand out. I would recommend sticking to green, blue, white and red. When shopping for this style my favorite is Commune (sold at Nordstrom).

Boot Cut Jeans: If you have an athletic build this style is for you! Some tend to be wider at the bottoms then others so make sure to put shoes on to insure they look correct. These should only be worn with boots (cowboy or motorcycle boots) or high tops.  Check out Hudson and MEK Denim when shopping for this style.

Straight Leg Jeans: If you are a slender “slim” build this would be the best style denim for you! This style denim is great to wear to the office on “casual Friday”. It’s not sloppy and but relaxed enough that you are still comfortable. When it comes to shopping for this style check out Diesel and Dsquared.

Light Wash: Leave these for your day time wear, such as going to a BBQ or walking around by the beach. You really need to only have one pair of these in your wardrobe and ps. having rips and tears in your denim is not attractive it makes them look old and worn out. it may have been a trend a few years back but again we are in 2012 lets stick to a classic light wash that are hole-less. When purchasing this wash make sure to look for a softer denim as it will hold the color better.

Dark Wash: This wash should be in every man’s wardrobe, it is a style must! A pair of dark denim can take you far with many different outfits. I love a pair of dark denim paired with a crisp white shirt and a blazer. You can wear these out on the town with the boys as well as a nice dinner date and even to church on Sunday! You can truly never go wrong with this wash.

Raw Denim: This style is for denim lovers, because of the car maintenance and cost. After you have a few pairs of denim then you can go ahead and buy a pair of raw denim. This style will be sure to keep your outfit looking sharp and give it a unique twist.  My favorite brand and probably the only brand I would recommend buying would be G-Star Raw.

Industrial Denim: This style is also for denim lovers who are looking to take their style up a notch. Leave these out of the office and/or to meet your girlfriends parents for the first time. ūüôā¬† G-Star, Goldspun, 883 Police

Stay tuned for part 2: How to CARE for your denim.

Ok men….now that you are all DENIM EXPERTS its time to go out and snag yourself a few new pairs of denim! Until next time stay styled right! xoxo FSR


Have you dared to try the nail colors of this season? Do you even know what is the big trend colors right now? Maybe you are not daring when it comes to your clothes but I at least dare you to be a fashion risk taker when it comes to your choice in nail polish color. Every season means new color trends, this extends from the color of your shoes all the way to the color of your finger nails. Almost every month or so a nail color seems to become the new trend. If I could I would change my nail color as much as I change my underwear! [LOL] There are so many colors I like but having the time to change my nail polish color that often is unrealistic. What I love most about this trend is that EVERYONE can follow it and can totally pull off the look. And really a color is never not in trend it just may not be the “it” color but you can still rock any color of your choice. I still wear burgundy in the summer even though it is a fall color and from last seasons “it” color. I will say there are definitely inappropriate times for outrageous nail colors such as lime green, bright yellow etc but for the most part there are no restrictions when it comes to playing with your nail color. You still want to be stylish when even being outrageous with your nail color so here are a few helpful tips when it comes to choosing your nail color and how to make sure you are still styled right even when it comes down to your nail color…

#1: Choose a color that you could at least rock for a week (we do not have time to be changing . Maybe choose some outfits even around that nail color. Often, we choose outfits based off a pair of shoes we just purchased or a new jacket so try it with your nail color. You might be pleasently surprised with the outfits you will come up with!

#2: If you are going to be daring with your nail color than be DARING! Do not be shy, be BOLD. Try that bright yellow or fierce melon green. Just be sure to paint your whole nail solid do not I repeat DO NOT just have your tips done, we want to be classy and stylish ladies!

#3: Tone it down for job interviews and job presentations. Bright colors can be distracting and not very professional even if you are in the fashion industry. I would choose neutral colors or french tip for these occasions.

#4: Chipped = REDO. Ladies, there is nothing worse than wearing a bright colored nail polish that is half chipped. Either buy the nail color and keep it in your purse to touch them up or take the color all the way off.

#5: Not that I ever condone being matchy matchy but depending on your outfit you may want to try to at least coordinate your nail polish color with your outfit if you are going to a special event (there is nothing worse than wearing an evening gown or cocktail dress with an apparent nail color that clashes to the fullest, I hear the FASHION POLICE siren).

#6: Keep them trimmed. If you are going to wear bright colors or even dark colors shorter nails always look better!


#1: O.P.I (Long lasting)
#2: Butter LONDON (Fun colors, a lot of sparkle colors)
#3: Chanel (Great colors but chips easy)
#4: deborah lippmann (Fun colors and long lasting)
#4: Essie (Good neutral tones)

If I am going to be OUTRAGEOUS here are the colors I am wearing right now…

O.P.I "Mermaid Tears"

Chanel "Peridot 531"

Chanel "Graphite"

O.P.I "Banana Bandanna"

What color are you going to DARE to WEAR?? Be BOLD be STYLED RIGHT!